Did Ashton Kutcher, who like many other celebrities sounds off on social media when there is a tragedy such as the Thousand Oaks bar shooting that left 12 dead, just confess to a crime?

One Twitter user commented, “Let’s see if California authorities take Ashton and his gun into custody.”

The reason?

As Twitchy reported, he admitted on Twitter to having been given a gun “as a gift … in the parking lot.”

Uhhmm. In California, it’s largely illegal to transfer a weapon WITHOUT going through a licensed gun dealer, who must hold the weapon for a 10-day waiting period.

There are exceptions for family members, but Kutcher’s statement doesn’t make it clear any family members were present.

So Cam Edwards responded: “I think Ashton Kutcher just admitted to violating California law. Firearms transfers have to go through a federally licensed firearms dealer who performs a background check and holds the firearm for the mandatory 10-day waiting period.”

He continued, “Not only did @aplusk just describe an illegal firearms transfer in California, he’s now in illegal possession of that gun.”

Chris Loesch noted Kutcher didn’t confirm it was in California, although he appeared to suggest it was in the parking lot of Borderline, the bar where the shooting happened.

“If this was in California what you admitted is illegal. You are now a prohibited possessor. If California does not hold you responsible it is proof that enforcement of the laws we have are a problem. Let’s see if California authorities take Ashton and his gun into custody.”

Twitter user “Eccentric Drunk” warned, “That’s a crime, dude.”

“TC” added: “This looks to be an illegal, non-family transfer in CA if FFL not used for background check. … I am guessing this tweet will be deleted but I have already referred it to LA CO Sheriff.”

Twitchy noted there are “people calling for more gun laws when they might not even be aware of the existing ones.”

On the Twitter, “sam atman” said: “Indeed. ‘Just call the police to protect you.’ We do call the police. The gun helps ensure we are still alive when the police show up. Or that the stabbing stops long enough for us to dial in the first place.”

Another said, “Last time we called 911, it took 57 minutes for the officers to arrive.”

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