Peter LaBarbera being arrested for speaking about homosexuality

Peter LaBarbera being arrested for speaking about homosexuality

Peter LaBarbera has run the non-profit Americans for Truth about Homosexuality for more than two decades, helping Christians stand against the LGBTQ+ agenda.

He features articles that show how school boards, such as in Fairfax County, Virginia, believe boys and girls “have different brains – except in the bathroom.” He showed how Democrats have embraced “anti-Christian bully Dan Savage in political campaigns.”

So what do social-media companies that support gay rights, such as Twitter, think of his views?

Twitter, LaBarbera said, locked him out after he wrote of the biblical viewpoint that homosexual sodomy is a “sin.”

He was forced to censor his speech to regain access, he said.

LaBarbera had said in a statement addressed to a homosexual activist: “Why don’t U strive for lifetime abstinence? Sodomy is a sin & the homo’l variety especially spreads disease.”

Twitter’s response was: “You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, disability, or serious disease.”

Then the next shoe dropped.

Over the weekend, he said, Facebook unpublished his page.

“Hey everybody,” he told friends, “after several bans for posts they don’t like the AFTAH page on facebook, they unpublished it. I selected the repeal option, but they have been relentless attack[ing] this page for years now. Any ideas?”

He said it’s evidence Facebook routinely censors socially conservative viewpoints “while claiming they don’t.”

It even seems the attacks are escalating, he said, citing several earlier disputes with Facebook.

He said one of the more egregious episodes was when an activist demanded the website be shut down because it used a police mug shot of an arrest, claiming image was copyrighted.

LaBarbera also recalled getting in trouble for describing a homosexual festival as satanic.

Facebook in recent months has defended itself against security breaches, accusations that it inflated ad watching times, fired an executive for supporting Trump, and censored conservative and Christian voices.

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