I grew up, and lived in Westchester County, New York, for 35 years. The county, a New York City suburb, is America’s limousine-liberal capital; with an average property tax bill of over $16,000, the county has the nation’s highest property taxes. It was normal behavior in 2016 to see Bentleys and Mercedes-Maybachs with “I’m With Her” or “Bernie 2016” bumper stickers proudly and visibly fastened, for all to see.

In the wake of our recent governor and U.S. Senate electoral recount debacles here in Florida, in which Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott are governor- and senator-elect, possible crimes committed by South Florida Democrat officials are on display for the entire nation.

Is South Florida Detroit and Chicago Lite?

While the Democrats certainly want to retain the U.S. Senate seat here, with incumbent Bill Nelson, the play is really about DeSantis’ opponent, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who withdrew his concession this past weekend.

The Democrats in South Florida will do anything to win the governor’s race because of the prospects that DeSantis will do what Scott and his predecessor, Charlie Crist, didn’t do, which is remove Broward County’s supervisor of elections, Brenda Snipes, her counterpart in Palm Beach County, Susan Bucher, and Democrat Scott Israel, the Broward County sheriff whose abject incompetence contributed to the Parkland school shooting in February.

When the state-ordered manual recount is complete, I’d be shocked if the losing sides don’t file emergency appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court, which I believe would hear the cases. If the SCOTUS were to rule in favor of DeSantis and Scott, it would potentially be the most monumentally historic voter/election fraud precedent ever established.

It’s difficult to “prove” where South Florida’s Democrats rank in the pecking order of the nation’s worst.

Our most violent, crime-ridden cities have been run by Democrats for approximately a combined millennium (as in, yes, about 1,000 years). Chicago, despite its never-ending carnage, isn’t America’s most violent city, per capita; Detroit is. St. Louis has the highest homicide rate, per capita.

Some Democrats in Oregon, especially Portland, are essentially domestic terrorists; same for Washington, D.C.

Perhaps the best authority on Democrats I know is Christopher Gergen, my podcast producer and CEO of Dark Horse Political, a political consulting firm, who was one of the top two staffers on President Trump’s Oregon primary campaign. He grew up in the Bay Area, worked and lived in Oregon, knows the D.C. political scene in and out, and lived in and worked in local and national South Florida political campaigns. He believes D.C.’s Democrats are America’s worst.

Purple state blues

I moved to South Florida in 2012. I quickly came to discover that Florida is a purple state; our five most populous counties are Miami-Dade, Broward (where I lived from 2012-2017), Palm Beach (where I’ve lived for a year), Hillsborough and Orange. Each of the five has more registered Democrats than Republicans; Broward has the biggest gap between R and D.

Gillum as governor, much more so than Nelson as senator, would continue the Democrats’ march toward transforming Florida from purple to blue, which was exactly what a former Gillum staffer said on hidden camera. Though we have a solid Republican majority in our state house, our state senate has a slim Republican majority; a Gillum win, combined with a few more elections, could, at the very least, result in a split house and senate.

Our next governor also gets to appoint, on Day 1, three justices to our state Supreme Court.

Gillum, who lost by 34,000 votes, out of 8 million cast (pending the upcoming statewide recount), is a kook’s kook; he was youth director for an organization that indoctrinates our kids to believe that the U.S. practices colonialism and genocide, and is chummy with a virulently anti-law enforcement group.

Gillum’s Manchurian candidacy was designed to be a Pavlovian litmus test for running an openly Leninist/Marxist/Obama/Sanders hybrid against Trump in 2020. As Florida goes, so goes the nation. This is why Gillum was funded with seven figures by conservative archenemies George Soros and Tom Steyer.

Gillum would be the first Democratic governor here in two decades; his ideology includes higher taxes, infringement upon gun rights and judicial activism.

Out of Florida’s 67 counties, registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats in 42 of them. But many of these counties have under 10,000 total registered voters each. The five largest counties have 2.7 million registered Democrats; statewide, there are 4.9 million registered Democrats, 4.66 million registered Republicans and 3.5 million “No Party Affiliation.” Since 1972, registered Democrats have outnumbered registered Republicans every year, statewide.

Snipes has become a household name for alleged electoral malfeasance. She was appointed by then-Gov. Jeb! Bush, in 2003, after then-Broward Supervisor of Elections Miriam Oliphant was removed from her post by Jeb! and the state senate. Oliphant, who’s black, fired several experienced staffers and hired all-black replacements – including a college admissions worker who didn’t know what a primary election was. Oliphant also paid the new employees significantly more than those whom she relieved of their duties and left uncounted ballots in a cabinet in her office.

Florida recount, part deux

After Jeb! appointed Snipes, she went on to win election to her post FOUR TIMES. Palm Beach County’s Bucher was first elected in 2009.

Amongst other legal troubles: Snipes was sued in 2016 for leaving amendments off the ballot; earlier this year, a state judge ruled that Snipes illegally destroyed ballots in a 2016 congressional race. The Democrat in that race? Debbie Wasserman Schultz. And just last week, a Broward judge ordered Snipes to allow ballot inspections immediately.

Last week, Bucher was admonished by a county judge for not properly submitting incorrectly completed ballots; Scott’s campaign argued that Bucher broke the law by allowing her staff to handle these ballots without legally required witnesses.

Broward and Palm Beach were the only Florida counties that didn’t adhere to election law.

Whether everything that’s happened here since Election Day proves fraud, beyond a reasonable doubt, remains to be seen. But the Democrats sure seem nervous.

I never witnessed in New York, which has a Democrat-majority state legislature and governor, what I’ve observed in South Florida. Maybe it was there, and I just never noticed it. Or, maybe I should just trust my own eyes.

When all is said and done, I believe DeSantis and Scott will both be victorious. I wonder if regressing from purple to blue is inevitable. I just pray no more New York Democrats move to Florida. I hear New Jersey’s pretty nice.

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