John McAfee, founder of the software antivirus program of that name, has a reputation for wild antics.

He left his company in 2011, but not before it peaked his wealth at some $100 million. He later founded several other companies, and he’s been involved in cryptocurrency, yoga, all-natural antibiotics and more.

He lived for years in Belize but fled after being suspected of involvement in the murder of his neighbor.

He’s pursued the Libertarian nomination for president.

Just a few months ago he gave an interview in which he said he fears for his life and is on the run because the U.S. government is trying to get him.

He claims the Securities and Exchange Commission is forcing him into hiding.

“The SEC is in charge of our entire industry, our companies, our manufacturing, our distribution, our creativity, our entrepreneurship. When it was created, in the wisdom of the creators, it had only civil powers. If it got p***ed off at you, it could sue you, end of story,” he ranted at the time.

“Now, with the cooperation of the justice department, the SEC can get involved, or bring people in who can punish you beyond a civil suit. The SEC owns America, please God, wake up people. And if you think that an agency of the U.S. government would not stoop to assassination, kidnapping, threats, then what are you smoking?”

His newest, however, has social media gasping.

A post at the Twitter news aggregating site Twitchy said: “Wait, WUT? John McAfee tweets about having sex with whales and there are NO WORDS to describe the thread that follows.”

McAfee’s claim was that there was a private club that meets to engage in sex with a whale.

“True,” he claimed, adding he wasn’t allowed in the club.

“Tried it alone. Epic fail,” he added.

But Twitchy was at a loss.

“You know what? For once, we got nothin’. You’ll just have to read this thread started by John McAfee and come to your own conclusions because we’re totally checking out.”

After some snide remarks about the whale, dinner and getting drunk, McAfee finally imparted his philosophy of life: “Do what you love. Nothing else. Ever. Then trust that it will be OK.”

There seemed to be nowhere to go with the commentary. Twitchy prayed that the reference was a metaphor.

“This editor has questions,” wrote Twitchy. “You know what, no, no she doesn’t.”

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