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Leftist blogger can't believe popular vote doesn't give Dems Senate

A liberal blogger commenting on the midterm elections Tuesday in which Republicans bucked the historical trend and gained seats in the Senate complained that the United States is not a democracy.

Actually, it’s a constitutional republic in which voters elect representatives to vote their interests. But that’s way ahead of the tweet from Amanda Marcotte, a liberal who comments on feminism and other issues.

She wrote, “Republicans lost the popular vote in the Senate races by over 15 percentage points, but still gained two seats … Our country is not a democracy.”

A post on the Twitter news aggregating site Twitchy said she got the fact that the U.S. is not a democracy “accidentally” right.

“Oh good, another raging leftist pretending that the popular vote matters in the Senate … good ol’ Amanda Marcotte decided to throw her ‘popular vote’ opinion into the fray.”

It’s an issue because Democrat Hillary Clinton during the 2016 president election made a point of the fact that she collected more votes nationally than presidential election winner Donald Trump.

But Trump ended up with a huge margin of victory in the Electoral College, the constitutionally mandated process in which presidential elections are decided state by state.

Twitchy explained to Democrats that the Senate represents the states “not the people.”

“Civics. Learn it, know it, love it,” the post advised, adding, “There is what’s called MATH.”

Twitchy posted a tweet by Rachel Bovard saying “everyone understand how dumb of an argument this is, right? Democrats had 26 seats up. GOP has 6. Of course there were more votes for Dems because MORE OF THEM WERE UP FOR RE-ELECTION.”

“Mike the Senate Popular Voter” said, “Next they’ll argue the World Series should be total runs scored in 7 games, not who wins more games.”