Never before in my career have I personally endorsed any candidate running for political office, other than myself when I ran for the U.S. Senate in the Florida Republican Party primary in 2004. As a general rule, with the exception of former President Ronald Reagan and his protégé the late Rep. Jack Kemp, former Rep. Bob Barr, as well as our current President Donald J. Trump, no one has ever excited me. Nor do I have much if any trust or respect for the overwhelming majority of other politicians, as they like to prance around Capitol Hill or in their homes states, pontificating, getting their faces on cable news to raise more money than what otherwise is stuffed into their pockets by lobbyists, but do little else. In short, the establishment political class in this country, both Republican and Democrat, think and act as if they are the equivalent of the British royal family. In reality, like the “royals,” they simply take up space and generally, with few exceptions, are worthless wards of the state.

But now someone has emerged who is worthy of my support and who has actually demonstrated the courage to take on the tyrannical federal government in particular. His name is Ryan Bundy, and he is running for the governorship of the state of Nevada.

Ryan is one of the heroic sons of Cliven Bundy and of the family who peacefully, using their Second and First Amendment rights, stood down the federal goons who were sent to the Bundy Ranch in 2014 to threaten their lives, assault their woman, Taser them, kill their cattle and bury the bulls, which are necessary to grow the herd, in secret mass graves, all with the goal of putting them out of business. The mission of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in particular, then run by the handpicked goon of the most corrupt senator in modern American history, Harry Reid, was to take over the Bundy ranch and then sell it reportedly to Chinese environmental interests. The greedy motivation for “Dirty Harry” and his corrupt son Rory, a downtown Las Vegas lawyer, was likely monetary kickbacks from the sale of federally claimed land.

Of course, any first-year law student, looking at the treaties of succession of Nevada land over the last century, and the Constitution of the United States, would glean that the land upon which the Bundys have ranched for over 150 years belongs to the people of Clark County and the state, not to the feds. Ask yourself: How can the federal government claim, as it has for decades, to own over 87 percent of the land in Nevada when if true, how would Nevada even qualify as a sovereign state? The same is true in Utah, Arizona and other Western states in particular. Thus, the feds had no business trespassing on the Bundy ranch.

Ryan, Cliven and his family are proud worshipers of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, commonly known as Mormons. Over the last several years, having visited Cliven at least 30 times when he was in federal prison (before the federal government’s indictment against him, Ryan and the other brave Bundy sons Ammon, Dave and Mel was thrown out for prosecutorial abuse and the hiding of exculpatory evidence by the FBI, BLM as well as the Justice Department), I learned much about the Mormon faith from him.

Mormons believe that the tenets of our Constitution are incorporated in their Book of Mormon and that the United States is the “promised land of Zion,” even before Israel, which they also respect. And, that is why this God-fearing and good-to-the-core family found the courage to stand up to federal government tyranny, risk life sentences for it and ultimately prevailed. The guiding light for this fearless courage was to preserve and protect the God-given rights granted and bequeathed to us in our Constitution; the rights to due process and equal protection under the law and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to tend to the land the Heavenly Father had bestowed upon them. And, in a narrower sense, the Constitution also accorded the Bundys, as is also true for us all, the right to bear arms and peacefully protest against government tyranny.

Importantly, the armed peaceful protesters who came to Bunkerville to stand down the federales who had threatened the Bundy family’s lives, had violently assaulted them and sought to take away their livelihood, were also simply exercising their First Amendment and Second Amendment rights! Some of them were militia, and while federal government prosecutors tried to portray them as criminals, the hard fact is that our Founding Fathers inserted the right to assemble militias into our Second Amendment as a protection for future American generations against the same type of government tyranny they had experienced under King George III. Put simply, “militia” is not a dirty word!

Last Wednesday, Ryan Bundy fought back again in a court of law. On his behalf, I filed what is known as a Bivens action against those who sought to terrorize and destroy his family and then illegally prosecute them. Included as defendants in their personal capacities are not only former Obama attorneys general Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, former BLM head Neil Kornze and former FBI Director James Comey, who ordered and furthered this tyranny and then sought to imprison the Bundys for life, but also the current attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who has rubber stamped the actions of his predecessors and thus is a guilty as they are. Go to to see complaint.

Coupled with this case is the one I also filed for Cliven in state court to have it finally rule that the land on which the Bundy ranch sits belongs to the people of Clark County and Nevada, not the feds.

Watch video news story about the case:

Ryan, like his dad, mother and other siblings truly stands for the American way of life embodied into our Constitution. He does not just occupy space like his opponents for governor, one of which claims to be a Republican. But other than being the son of former Sen. Paul Laxalt, unlike Ryan, Adam Laxalt stands for little and has thus far shied away from asserting the rights of Nevadans to own their land and truly be a state.

To the contrary, Ryan Bundy, a true American hero, is the descendant not just of Brigham Young, but in effect also our greatest of Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson. Ryan is the true Republican and that is why I, for several other reasons as well, endorse him to be the next governor of the great state of Nevada! He will be the governor for all Americans!

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