School districts across Scotland are being warned of legal action if they continue promoting transgenderism in public schools.

The Christian Institute has written to 17 districts to notify them of “significant concerns” about guidance written by an LGBT-rights group.

A document distributed to the schools called “Supporting Transgender Young People” has “key errors and omissions” that leave schools open to “unnecessary legal action,” the letter states.

The guidance written by LGBT Youth Scotland urges schools to comply with students who identify as transgender in school and wish to keep that fact hidden from their parents.

It also says parents do not need to be informed if a transgender child will be sharing sleeping facilities with their own on school trips.

And if parents are “struggling” with their child’s transgender identity, staff can raise the issue with “the local authority,” the institute said.

In addition, the guidance gives “no regard to the rights of parents and does not adequately address the privacy rights of staff and other students.”

The Scottish government withdrew its endorsement of the guideline because of its “key errors.”

Simon Calvert, a spokesman for the institute, said that with the endorsement from the Scottish government withdrawn, “it’s time for councils to pull the plug on it, too, before their schools are sued by parents or pupils whose rights have been breached.”

The institute warns districts that to ignore the problem is to invite “unnecessary legal action against schools.”

The issue affects more than half of Scotland’s local districts.

The controversy is developing quickly on the U.S. side of the Atlantic, too, with the Trump administration’s plan to define, for purposes of federal law, “sex” as biological sex, not gender identity.

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