Who knows how things will turn out next Tuesday?

If the results were based on good outcomes, the party supporting the incumbent president might just turn the midterm jinx on its head.

But there’s the media, of course.

There’s also the media-amplifiers at Google and Facebook and Twitter.

Then there’s academia.

There’s also the Big Cities.

There’s the Deep State.

And then there are stupid people.

Otherwise, how could he NOT rock the house?

It shouldn’t even be close.

I’m optimistic. I was in 2016. I said so. In fact, I may have been overly optimistic – even fantasizing about how even New Yorkers and Californians could shock the country with their votes.

But here’s what I want you to do for us right now – before it’s too late.

I want you to spread this BIG, BIG, BIG LIST OF TRUMP ACCOMPLISHMENTS far and wide before Election Day.

It’s truly breathtaking.

And what do the Democrats say? Impeach him! Impeach the new guy on the Supreme Court! Let’s bring back Obama!

It’s simply unbelievable. Are we living in parallel universes?

How do you argue with deregulation, lower taxes, economic growth, record-low unemployment, job creation, immigration enforcement, border security, a stronger military, conservative judges, improved trade deals and unprecedented foreign policy victories with nations such as North Korea?

Explain that to me.

In the first year of his presidency, I was so blown away by what Trump accomplished that we chronicled his successes so dutifully for 14 months that I didn’t think there would be any contest come the midterms. In 64 years on this planet, I had never seen such remarkable achievement. It was unprecedented. I actually did get tired of winning, just like he said I would.

When the Democrats seemed to be losing all rationality, I thought: “Good for them, they’re doing Trump’s work for them.” I was wrong. It’s like half the country has gone stark, raving mad.

Before Trump, my standard was Reagan. I didn’t think we’d ever see another president like him. I was wrong. He out-conservatived Reagan – without even trying.

Where does the man get the energy, the stamina, the grit?

God bless him.

He did what he said he would do.

How often do you see that?

I can’t even think of a significant disappointment. When has that ever happened?

But, I’m serious about what I am asking you to do. You have got to show your friends and neighbors this BIG LIST at every opportunity in the next few days. There’s an old saying “Remember in November!” People forgot what it was like just two years ago. It was a nightmare! Who would want to go back to that?

Apparently, too many.

I don’t understand, and you don’t. But we’ve got to do what we can to win.

Never mind your disappointments with other Republicans. I have at least as many as anyone. But just think how it took Trump to get Sen. Susan Collins to come to her senses. Did you ever think you would see that day come? Did you ever think you would stand up to thank her?

I know. Everyone has had their say already on this race. My wife has been fasting for weeks for this People are praying everywhere. Maybe that’s what it will take. Maybe that will be this November’s surprise.

Until then, don’t give up. Don’t surrender. Stay the course. Full steam ahead.

Let’s hope for another Trump miracle. Let’s make it more stunning than the last time.

Pass the word – as long as there’s time left.

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