Editor’s note: Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady was awarded the United States military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, and is former president of the Medal of Honor Society.

In 2010, in a rare victory for veterans, our Constitution and common sense, the Supreme Court ruled that a World War I memorial cross standing 76 years in the wilds of the Mohave Desert did not violate the First Amendment’s establishment clause (“Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion”).

There have been other attacks on veteran memorials shaped like a cross. The latest is the Bladensburg, Maryland, Peace Cross, also a World War I cross honoring 49 local residents, so shaped to reflect the grave markers of our troops buried overseas.

For an ordinary person, it is mind-boggling to believe that the mere presence of a cross could “establish a religion”; yet in the case of the Mohave Desert Cross, 44 percent of the justices – and every court en route to the Supreme Court – did. Amazingly, it finally won by only one vote.

Tragically, too many members of our courts are not ordinary. Abraham Lincoln warned: “Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” Despite the wisdom of those words, today’s court jesters have interfered with the First Amendment, perhaps the most significant 46 words in the history of civilization, to legalize pornography and flag burning while denouncing Christmas, God, the Boy Scouts and prayer – none of which is justified by the Constitution. They will not allow the Ten Commandments to be posted in American courtrooms – even though it adorns the Supreme Court.

How does one explain such lunacy?

There are two dominant schools of thought on interpreting the Constitution. There are those who believe the Founders meant what they wrote – and those who believe the Constitution is whatever they say it is, an amorphous document subject to ever-changing progressive morality, personal bigotry, current trends, fashions, and even the legal and cultural trends of foreign powers. Never play poker with the latter, as they will always change rules in the middle of a pot.

The head of the spear for these black-robed constitutional pirates is often the ACLU. Most Americans are unaware that judges routinely grant motions of the ACLU and other organizations of its ilk literally millions of dollars in taxpayer-paid “attorney fee awards” for their establishment clause legal attacks on crosses at veterans’ memorials or displays of our American Christian heritage in public places – legal attacks most American taxpayers abhor. Within the ACLU are coffined vampire-like things who go berserk at the sign of a cross. These strange creatures show up at crosses in the Mohave Desert, on a mountain top in California and along isolated highways where they convince like-minded judges that the existence of a cross on public land establishes a religion.

Judges forced the Mohave cross to be obscenely covered, lest it offend the plaintiff 1,000 miles away! Never mind that the land under the cross was transferred from public to private ownership. These Christophobic vampires are not concerned with the Constitution; they hate religion and see the cross as its symbol.

The vampires in the Bladensburg Cross case, from the American Humanist Association, actually believe in good without a God. Therefore, they and their ilk will determine for all of us what is good.

Of course the cross does not establish a religion. It is an icon used on national flags and countless symbols across the world. It covers the remains of American warriors in cemeteries in foreign lands. This sacred terrain is the only land America has impounded in payment for blood we shed to free much of the world. Those crosses symbolize their service and sacrifice for those freedoms; and that is the meaning of a cross – service and sacrifice.

Many of those warriors wore the Distinguished Service Cross and the Distinguished Flying Cross. At one time, the Medal of Honor was called the Tiffany Cross. Do these crosses establish a religion? What about the Iron Cross worn by the Nazis?

The godless vampires would rip our crosses out of the ground and those medals off the chests of our heroes. Thanks to our veterans, we have saved some crosses, but the Supreme Court has a chance to drive a stake through the vampire’s heart and put an end to this insane assault on our Constitution. Their decision could influence religious liberty in other cases.

On Nov. 2, the Court agreed to hear the assault on the Peace Cross in Bladensburg, Maryland. It may be our first opportunity to see the true colors of the Trump Court.

Although the Supreme Court is not supposed to be influenced by public opinion and outcry, we know it is. Hopefully our veterans, who have done more for our Constitution than anyone, let alone the godless vampires of the ACLU and the AHA, will heed Lincoln’s words and speak out against this insanity.

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