The end of free elections in America?

By Joseph Farah

Last weekend, you heard French President Emmanuel Macron say the following:

  • He called nationalism a “betrayal of patriotism.”
  • He explained that “patriotism is exactly the opposite of nationalism.”

What did he mean? And what do these extraordinary claims have to do with the future of free elections in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world?

I think I can offer an explanation.

You may have also heard U.S. Democratic leaders, some having previously conceded they lost certain elections in Florida, demanding to see “every vote counted.”

It took me a while to figure out the link between the push for globalism over nationalism by people the world over and the win-at-any-cost Democratic politicians in Florida and Arizona.

We’ve got a worldwide movement that doesn’t just prefer globalism over a system accountable to national laws, it is pledged to it as a way of depriving Americans of their most sovereign national individual rights.

I’m sure I will be seen as a “conspiracy theorist” for making such a claim.

I don’t really care.

First, let’s look at the Macron’s Orwellian “newspeak.”

What does it mean?

I’ve tried as hard as I can to understand his point since first hearing what he had to say. My only conclusion is that it’s an effort to confuse the opposition, to suggest he and others who think like him service higher values, deeper moral principles.

There are two major competing worldviews at work today.

One believes borders are essential to free self-governing societies, while the other believes in elite rule of supranational unions of convenience.

What Macron means is it is “patriotic” to be anti-nationalist. It is “patriotic” to be globalist.

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure it out. He was stating it clearly enough. He couldn’t mean anything else. If it had been a snake, it would have bit me.

What threw me was this: Patriotism and nationalism have been so closely linked definitionally in every language for hundreds of years. They have been synonyms. Macron tried last Sunday to separate them – labeling “patriotism” good and “nationalism” bad.

What else can the globalists do? How else can they sell tyranny to the masses? Because that’s all they have.

Nationalism doesn’t always translate into freedom. However, no other form of government ever has. It’s the only chance we have. Anything else will not uphold the kind of “limited” government that has worked in constitutional republics like the U.S.

Here in the U.S., we launched one of the freest governments in the history of the world by declaring independence from colonialists.

Today, the globalists are trying to sell us on “interdependence.” But that’s just another synonym for “dependence.” Right? Why would we want to be dependent? It makes no sense. It’s irrational, unless of course your objective is to keep your subjects dependent.

And that’s exactly what the globalists intend to do.

Our job is stopping them. I’m glad we’re finally having this international debate on nationalism vs. globalism. It’s long overdue. It is probably the most important political debate we could have – one that forces us to choose between freedom and slavery.

It’s directly related to another issue – the future of free elections.

You may have noticed they way they have been under attack in the U.S. in recent days.

Suddenly, elections have become quite controversial. Who should be allowed to vote? Who should not be?

Borders, language, culture, sovereignty, globalism, dependence, slavery, interdependence, nationalism, patriotism, voter fraud, voter suppression, voter rights – lots of words being redefined. Massive manipulation is underway – and all with a purpose, a devious one, a diabolical one.

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