You may have missed it, but something historic happened last Friday – in the U.N. of all places.

With the U.S. and Israel standing alone in opposition, the U.N. passed a resolution calling for the thoroughly corrupt, hopelessly broken, formerly national entity of Syria to take over possession of the entirety of the Golan Heights, which it has not possessed in 51 years. Even then the land was only used for the previous 19 years as military high ground to attack Israel.

Yet, by a 152-2 vote in the U.N. General Assembly Friday, the entire world sans the U.S. and Israel and 14 abstaining members called for returning the strategic, historic land of Israel to be turned over to Syria – a nation repeatedly found to have used chemical weapons on its own people and others, slaughtering them by other means and creating a refugee crisis throughout Europe and much of the rest of the world.

That vote, which fortunately has no real-world impact, should be more than enough to persuade every sane American and every rational Israeli to withdraw from the U.N. and never look back.

Ironically, the resolution, which passed along with eight other anti-Israel resolutions, declares Israel’s jurisdiction and administration of “the occupied Syrian Golan” to be “null and void.” Let’s be honest, what should be “null and void” after such a vote is the United Nations.

We should all be grateful to the Trump administration for finally recognizing, after so many decades, Syria can no longer be rewarded for its own militaristic ambitions in the region.

The vote was taken in the name of “decolonization” and anti-imperialism, though Syria itself (and I say this as someone of Syrian ancestry and with nothing but love for the people of the land) was founded and formed by the imperial powers of Europe. It has now returned as a kind of spiritual curse of destruction on the colonial powers that engineered the evil plan.

It’s worth pointing out that many other U.S. administrations of the past had opportunities to cast this vote. They chose instead to maintain the status quo throughout all these decades.

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But when anyone views the current state of Syria today – the suffering, the violence, the constant state of war, the human rights violations, the refugee crisis and the ongoing tragedy – it is unimaginable really that only two nations could fail to recognize reality. Is it not?

Let’s face it. All of the king’s horses and all of the king’s men could not put this broken egg back together again. And why would they wish to?

In case you are not convinced, consider the number of times Syria, along with some of its allies, attacked Israel since 1948 with overwhelming numbers, weaponry, tanks, aircraft and support – and lost! Of course, it would be worse if there was any threat of victory.

Not only has the Golan Heights remained a strategic linchpin for Israel, protecting it from the Iranian military, Hezbollah, a Sunni uprising and dozens of terrorist groups, from al-Qaida to ISIS, but it also serves as a peaceful harbor for Druze villages, Israeli communities, productive farmland, ranches and archaeological wonders.

As U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley announced in advance, the U.S. would vote “no,” calling the resolution, in a vast understatement, “biased against Israel.” She added, “[T]he atrocities the Syrian regime continues to commit prove its lack of fitness to govern anyone.”

Are there other reasons to leave the U.N.? They are legion.

But I’d love to hear from even one loyal American citizen and one loyal Israeli citizen to explain why there is any reason to stay.

President Trump? How about you?

How about you, likely incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi?

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