Well, let me rephrase that.

The United States of America might never be the same.

Despite all Donald Trump as done in the last 24 months, and make note of it, we are on the precipice of throwing it all away.

This is what not just the “fake news media” have done. This is what Google and Facebook have wrought on us all when powerful, special interests turn the truth on its head.

Am I throwing in the towel?

Not at all. I have never sold Donald Trump short. He is a force of nature. I’m always been a fan. He has stood boldly and with clarity. But I’m just not sure how far his voice can carry.

Maybe God gave us a stark choice between Barack Obama and Donald Trump and said: “Choose.”


Choose between one who believes in nation-states and one who does not.

Choose between one who breaks the law and one who does not.

Choose between one who fosters the production of wealth and one who does not.

Choose between one who supports life and one who does not.

Choose between one who supports Brett Kavanaugh and one who promotes scurrilous, unsubstantiated accusations.

Choose between one who acts in the best interest of his country and one who does not.

Choose between whether sovereign citizens vote or just anybody.

You get the idea. This is what it has become in the United States of America in 2018. It’s a critical state of the affairs indeed. Though we have been blessed by two years of Donald Trump, the choice is clear, and about half the country appears relatively close to choosing unwisely – whether they have been manipulated or conned.

I know people praying for this election. I know people who have been fasting for weeks. Maybe it will bring us grace.

If 2016 represented a huge turning point, so could 2018.

Does God intervene in the affairs of men? He does. But sometimes He enters in judgment, and sometimes in grace.

Are we dangerously near a tipping point for the USA. How could we not be?

Marriage redefined. Gender redefined. Truth redefined. Justice redefined. Righteousness redefined.

We didn’t get here overnight – not by a long shot. But in 2016 we seemed to get a reprieve from the total insanity. It gave us hope. Let’s pray the hope does not dissipate.

It’s like there are two Americas present today. They can’t hear each other. Incivility abounds. When the two-time losing presidential candidate was asked if it would ever return, she said it would when her opposition was vanquished. I guess that answers the question.

There was a time in America at which we could talk to one another, respect differences of opinion and agree to disagree. That is long gone. There is no tolerance for dissent or disagreement.

Is everything really at stake?

No, ultimately the will of God will be done.

God will allow men the desires of their heart in the end. That’s the lesson of Scripture. He gives us free will.

If you’re determined to have life without God, that’s what you get in the end.

It’s just that He’s not desiring that any should perish.

Like any nation, we’ve had course corrections over the many years. Do we have another in us?

I pray so.

But the resistance has been very severe. Men want what they want. Rebellion is in our very DNA.

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