Biology profs refuse to say when life begins

By WND Staff


It’s been known for decades that a unique life begins when a sperm cell from a father joins an egg from a mother.

But when more than a dozen biology professors were asked when life begins, they either refused to respond or insisted science couldn’t answer the question.

The College Fix said only two professors responded to the “rudimentary” scientific question.

One claimed that “scientists cannot answer the question,” and another said it was a “political question, not scientific.”

But the College Fix cited Professor Maureen Condic, an associate professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the University of Utah, who contends the science is settled.

She has written that the “conclusion that human life begins at sperm-egg fusion is uncontested, objective, based on the universally accepted scientific method of distinguishing different cell types from each other and on ample scientific evidence (thousands of independent, peer-reviewed publications).”

The College Fix noted polls indicate that college professors tend overwhelmingly favor abortion rights.

“Acknowledging the humanity of unborn humans, even at their very earliest stages, strikes at the heart of the pro-abortion argument,” it said.

At the very least, “it forces partisans to acknowledge that, yes, abortion kills human beings, something pro-choicers are understandably quite keen to downplay or else just flat-out deny.”

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