Pardes Seleh (GoFundMe)

Pardes Seleh (GoFundMe)

A conservative in Washington is facing discrimination – she’s being denied permission to rent a living unit – because of her politics.

The story is outlined by Townhall columnist Zachary Petrizzo who explains the problem facing Pardes Seleh, who is “a conservative who has worked at Fox News and is now a graduate student.”

She shared an email she got in response to her inquiry about a rental.

“After pursuing your journalistic and social media posts, it’s pretty clear your political views are diametrically opposed to ours (and we hate Fox),” the response said.

She had asked for information about an ad regarding “Furn’d pvt room & bath, all utils incl+pool and gym.”

“An hour later,” Petrizzo wrote, “Seleh, in a video posted to Twitter, explained that her political views aren’t far right-wing or that ‘crazy.’ Seleh then expressed the fact that she didn’t want to be seen as a victim, but rather show what occurred when searching for housing in D.C. … as a conservative.”

He continued, “Seleh told Townhall that she was ‘looking to downsize to an apartment with rommates in order to save money on rent, but it seems a lot of the people who live in my area wouldn’t want a roommate with my work background or political views.'”

One commenter pointed out that Washington has a fair-housing law that might be applicable. That law, in fact, protects from discrimination against “political affiliation” and “source of income.”

A GoFundMe account has now been set up for Seleh, with a message stating: “Please help Pardes overcome liberal bigotry and help her find a Washington landlord who follows the law and doesn’t discriminate based on political ideology.

“It’s bad enough for someone to be de-platformed on social media. But this is real life — banning someone from finding housing, based on their political views.”

Daily Caller said Seleh had been a scriptwriter for Laura Ingraham.

The report said it actually was the second rejection for Pardes recently. She explained both were group housing situations with roommates either in an apartment or a townhouse.

“I respect people’s rights to deny service to anybody they want, but I’m also going to voice my frustration with constantly being rejected from things in D.C. because of my conservative background,” she said.

She also discouraged people from retaliating against those who discriminated against her.

“Guys, please don’t go looking up these peoples [sic] apartment and harassing them, I am not a victim and I don’t want to punish anybody,” she said.

She did seek out one other option, though.

She contacted Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat with strong socialist views who has claimed she can’t afford to live in Washington.

“@Ocasio2018 want to be my roommate?” she asked.

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