President Donald Trump (White House photo)

President Donald Trump (White House photo)

The American public has been told that the ultimate objective of the special counsel investigation is to prevent Russian interference in American elections.

But talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh told his listener’s Monday the evidence continues to mount that it’s all about removing Donald Trump from office.

He was referring to rumblings on Capitol Hill that Trump could be indicted for campaign finance violations for directing payments through his lawyer to women who allege they had a sexual relationship with him.

“I have warned so many people, so many times, that we were headed right where we are. Remember when I told you what the objective of this investigation of Trump was? To get his numbers down to 30 percent or less so that he would lose all of his Republican support and either be impeached or forced to resign?” Limbaugh said.

“Well, here we are, folks. That is exactly, in a nutshell, what all of this is about. And the icing on the cake for these people would be impeaching Trump and convicting him or waiting ’til he leaves office and then indicting him and sending him to jail then. It’s all been so, so predictable.

He wondered what the charge of “paying off porn stars at Trump’s behest” has to do with Russia collusion.

And he pointed out that members of Congress have set up a taxpayer-supported fund to pay off women who allege they’ve been abused by Congress members.

Limbaugh also recalled that Barack Obama “was caught cheating on campaign contributions to the tune of $2 million.”

“I mean, Russian collusion? This is what happens when you appoint a special prosecutor and do not list a crime for him to investigate, which is a violation of Justice Department regulations. But they did it anyway,” the talk host said.

He warned asserted that Trump “has been the sole target of all this from the get-go.”

“And going after all of these ancillary people, like Cohen and Manafort and Papadopoulos, it has all been about Trump,” Limbaugh said.

“And while it is accurate to say it’s highly doubtful any genuine criminal activity has occurred here, that is irrelevant to the objective, which is to get rid of Donald Trump and, as a by-product, to tell each and every one of his supporters ‘don’t ever do this again.’

“To tell anybody who might like to try to run for president under the same techniques and principles that Trump did, ‘Don’t you try it. This is what’s going to happen to you.'”

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