Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is warning that anyone who tries to attack Israel “will pay a heavy price.”

The warning follows the announcement that the nation’s defense forces have uncovered “Hezbollah terror tunnels” in the solid rock that separates northern Israel from Lebanon.

“This morning the IDF began Operation Northern Shield, the goal of which is to uncover and neutralize terrorist tunnels from Lebanon,” Netanyahu said, Breaking Israel News reported. “We are proud of the fighters and commanders of the IDF for the complex actions and operational successes already in the early stages of the operation. Whoever tries to attack the state of Israel – will pay a heavy price.”

The work has begun near the town of Metulla in response to what Hezbollah has called its “Conquering the Galilee” campaign. It’s “a plan that would coordinate massive barrages of hundreds of missiles with border infiltrations carried out by 5,000 specially-trained Hezbollah terrorists,” the report said.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said that several tunnels already had penetrated Israeli territory, and the IDF was in the process of destroying them.

“One tunnel was described as being 80 feet underground, six feet wide, six feet tall, and penetrating 130 feet into Israeli territory. The tunnel extended from under a home in southern Lebanon, extending 600 feet through solid rock and penetrating into Israel,” the report said.

BIN explained the attack strategy was in “direct violation” of United Nations Resolution 1701, which was to resolve the 2006 conflict between the two neighbors.

“The resolution established the disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon, implying Hezbollah. On the same day the resolution passed, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that his militia would honor the call for a ceasefire. Nasrallah also said that once the Israeli offensive stops, Hezbollah’s rocket attacks on Israel would stop,” the report said.

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