You have never seen anything like this in a jewelry store.

A necklace with a live flower that opens over and over again!

The Rose of Bethlehem is a small, relatively unknown flower, native to the Judean desert, not far from the city of Christ’s birth. Even after being removed from the ground, with just a few drops of water the rose has the ability to re-bloom again and again. Now this “miracle flower” has been added to a line of jewelry.

A selection of pendant casings is available including crosses, Stars of David and circular pendants featuring the Rose of Bethlehem in the center. Israeli artist Gayla Harish explained that she hopes the jewelry will serve as a connection to the Holy Land.

“Our flower is elegantly placed on jewelry which turns it into a more powerful and constant connection to the Holy Land – its history, heritage and spirituality,” Gayla said.

“We came to know about this flower through an old pastor. The pastor had been living in Israel for 50 years and he told us about this unique and mostly unknown flower from the Judean desert,” Gayla explained.

“The Rose of Bethlehem grows in the harsh conditions of the Judean desert. Despite these harsh conditions and with just a few drops of water it blooms again and again,” Gayla said. “To me, this symbolized the power of faith and of life that assist us in overcoming hardship and regenerate ourselves again and again.”

The Rose of Bethlehem shares legends with the Rose of Jericho (known as the “Resurrection Plant”), as both plants grow in the Judean desert and have an endless re-blooming ability. Throughout history, these flowers have been associated with miracles due to their ability to return to life and bloom over and over again. The meaning of the miraculous flowers may be different for different people, but there is no doubt it is something that inspires many.

According to Christian legend, Mary and Joseph fled from King Herod’s massacre through the Judean desert with the infant Jesus. When Mary dismounted the donkey on which she was riding, a flower sprang up at her feet to greet the Savior whom she carried in her arms. The flowers subsequently grew at all the places where the Holy Family rested during their flight to Egypt.

According to the legend, all through Christ’s life on earth the little rose continued to flourish, but when He died upon the cross all the flowers withered and died at the same time. But on the third day, when Jesus rose again from the tomb, at the same time the flowers came to life, and blossomed as a sign of the joy of the earth because Christ was risen.

A unique conversation piece, the jewelry is popular with individuals desiring to express their faith, or to have a connection to the Holy Land, or because its guarantee to bloom again and again make it a family heirloom that can be passed down to future generations.

The meaning of the Rose of Bethlehem may be different for different people, but there is no doubt it will make a unique addition to any personal jewelry collection.

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