The head of Washington watchdog Judicial Watch said on Wednesday special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation – of Democrats’ claims the 2016 Trump campaign colluded with Russia – is just harassment of the president.

On Fox News channel, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said of the investigation, “I don’t think it’s going to wrap up in any traditional sense of the word, even if there’s an interim report…

“I think it’s just going to be a continuing vehicle for enemies of the president to harass the president.”

Fox introduced the interview explaining that while Mueller’s spent $25 million in tax funds, he’s so far released “no proof” of collusion involving the Trump campaign.

What has been proven, Fitton explained, is the “collusion” between Democrats and dossier authors at Fusion GPS and the Russians.

This is a reference to a political opposition research document created by a British spy who had Russian contacts but was on the payroll of a company funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Even the president’s critics labeled the document “salacious” and “unverified.”

Nevertheless, it appears the Obama Department of Justice took those claims to a secret federal court in Washington in order to send two spies into the Trump campaign to spy on his activities.

It’s been revealed that the suspicions of wrongdoing on the part of some Trump campaign personalities, which normally would have prompted a warning to the campaign about those individuals, were concealed from the candidate and his campaign.

Fitton explained he believes the Mueller investigation is being used by Democrats with “impeachment fantasies.”

“It’s going to continue to harass the president,” he explained, even though two major indictments that have named Russians or Russian entities have been devoid of evidence concerning the Trump campaign.

Fitton said Trump should take action to shut it down.

“This is just harassment at this point,” he said.

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