Angela Ponce (Instagram)

Angela Ponce (Instagram)

At this year’s Miss Universe Pageant, more media attention was focused on the event’s first male contestant in its 67-year history than on the winner.

Angela Ponce of Spain, a man who identifies as a woman, declared he was participating in the event Dec. 16 in Thailand to proudly represent “my nation, all women, and human rights.”

A prominent defender of traditional marriage wondered how a man could represent “all women.”

Jennifer Roback Morse, president of the Ruth Institute, insisted the facts of life can’t be altered.

“Ponce is a man – a man who’s been surgically altered to resemble a woman, a man who considers himself a woman, but a man nonetheless,” she said. “No amount of cultural indoctrination will change that fact.”

Morse said that while those who suffer from gender dysphoria should be objects of sympathy, “their condition doesn’t alter reality.”

She noted that government is “increasingly being used to punish individuals and institutions that refuse to affirm the transgender dogma.”

Recently, as WND reported, a high school teacher in West Point, Virginia, was fired for referring to a female student who identifies as a man as “she.”

“What if the Miss Universe Pageant hadn’t allowed Ponce to compete? Would it have been charged with discrimination and tried before some international human rights tribunal?” Morse asked.

She pointed out that at one time “establishment feminists” regarded beauty pageants as demeaning to women.

“Now that men can dress up as women, and in the stereotypical, sexualized version of women at that,” she said, the feminists are “cheering them on.”

“This suggests that their objective at that time was and is, to get inside people’s heads and reprogram their thinking,” Morse said.

In her book “The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives,” she shows how transgenderism is the latest advance of the sexual revolution, which “separates individuals from their bodies.”

According to the new thinking, she said, “our bodies are regarded as unreasonable constraints on one’s freedom and self-determination.”

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