Dear President Trump:

Your Twitter magic is badly needed.

You’ve pretty much told the whole sordid story of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his fantasies of Russian collusion. We know who attempted to collude with Russians in 2016 – the Hillary Clinton campaign. We understand millions were spent investigating, and no Russians were found to have changed any votes. Meanwhile, many illegal aliens have been found casting illegal votes. Many Democrats have been found trying to subvert elections. And innocent Americans are being punished simply for being your supporters.

We get it!

But we need you to start tweeting about a much bigger future danger to America – and to your re-election.

While Russia is not a threat to free elections in the U.S., Google is.

I know it sounds crazy. But the danger is real in 2020. We have allowed and empowered Google to become weaponized for the ultimate political dirty trick only two years from now.

Google has boasted about its goal to influence opinions, values and purchases for years. It has the database. It has been granted a monopoly to use it.

I believe you have seen the evidence produced in a documentary called “The Creepy Line.” Unfortunately, the American people have been prevented from seeing it. You can change that with a tweet.

I have nothing to do with the making of the movie, and I stand to gain no personal advantage for making this plea. But you can save the future of free elections by bringing the facts revealed in it to the American people before it’s too late.

Just last week, we saw another story about Google executives not only bemoaning the results of the 2016 election, but planning to ensure a similar outcome is averted in 2020 by faking the news.

Google and Facebook got busy in January 2017 diminishing the reach and impact of independent news outlets – destroying some financially and existentially threatening many in the near-term future.

The story is told effectively and truthfully in “The Creepy Line.” Let people know that Google is the secret weapon behind the Deep State, as well as the ultimate purveyors of fake news.

The free press is dying. Fair elections are next. All you need to do to fix this is tweet the truth.

From personal experience, I can tell you this movie is understated and true. The American people just need to see it in big numbers to see how they are being manipulated by Google, Facebook and Big Tech.

President Trump, I thank you for all you have done in your first two years. It’s almost miraculous what you have accomplished. I want to see you achieve even more through re-election in 2020. But I’ve witnessed firsthand the way the Internet gatekeepers are shutting down free speech in America. You must not let them get away with it.

Once free speech and freedom of the press are gone, free and fair elections are no longer possible.

That’s the real danger a special counsel or your new attorney general should be investigating early in 2019, if you don’t mind me suggesting.

I know you’ve got so much on your agenda and face overwhelming opposition at every turn. But time is short to save free speech and the free press from those who are rigging the algorithms – against fair news coverage of your administration and, more broadly, against fair-minded independent news, which is being censored and squelched at every turn.

They’ve already taken my bullhorn. Don’t let them take yours.

Tell Americans about the fabulous exposé they will see in “The Creepy Line.” They will thank you for it.

Watch the trailer for “The Creepy Line”:

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