Barack Obama refined the art of a government official taking really, really, pricey vacations on the taxpayers’ tab. During his tenure in office he took approximately $35 million, according to estimates, of tax money to spend Christmas vacations in Hawaii.

Of course, that was just part of the more than $100 million he is estimated to have used from taxes from businesses small and large and individuals rich and poor for his trips in office. And those of his wife and kids.

But this year, with part of the government unfunded because of the Democrats’ refusal to negotiate over border security and a “wall” or “fence” or whatever they want to call it, according to President Trump, House Speaker candidate Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, is living high in Hawaii.

The Free Beacon reported she’s spending the time when some federal workers are required to report for duty – but are not getting paid – “at a luxury resort in Hawai.”

“Pelosi, who has put blame squarely on President Donald Trump for the current government shutdown, was spotted Thursday vacationing in Hawaii at the Fairmont Orchid resort, where room accommodations range from $899-a-night for a standard room to $4,899-a-night for the presidential suite,” the report said.

“The resort, on Hawaii’s Big Island, features a golf course, six restaurants, and a 10,000-square-foot oceanfront pool. It also features a ‘Spa Without Walls,’ where the 110-minute Ali’I Royal Experience is available for $369 and a 50-minute couples massage runs $549, according to the spa menu. While at the spa, guests can snack on a gluten-free grilled prawn summer roll for $19.”

President Trump, meanwhile, canceled a planned trip to Florida to remain at the White House over Christmas. Then he slipped out of the country to visit American soldiers in war zones overseas.

He’s still at the White House, awaiting work by Congress on those spending bills that government employees are depending on.

“Trump has been holding work meetings since Congress went into recess, including one with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on how to fund the administration’s border security plan,” the report said.

The clash over the border barrier funding erupted just before the holidays and Trump made an offer to the Democrats in Congress, whose votes are needed for the plan. The Democrats then, apparently without making a counteroffer, left for vacation.

“This is not Pelosi’s first holiday vacation to Hawaii. In 2011, it was reported by the Hawaii Reporter that Pelosi had in previous years stayed in a $10,000-a-night suite at the Four Seasons Resort in Kona for her holiday vacation,” the report said.

Meanwhile, the American Mirror reported, another top Democrat in the House, Maxine Waters, fled the country without resolving the shutdown crisis and was vacationing in the Bahamas.

“She took in the Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade, according to Twitter user Thomas Wayne, and she looked thoroughly unamused as a float featuring the likeness of Trump passed by,” the report said.

See the social media posting:

Pelosi has a reputation for extravagance. When she previously was House speaker, she would routinely demand exclusive jet travel from Washington to California for breaks. And during those flights, she would insist on treats like fresh chocolate-covered strawberries, lots of certain kinds of alcohol, and more.

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