During the 2016 election, I doubted the sincerity of some of the positions candidate Trump staked out to ingratiate himself to conservatives disgusted and angry over the GOP leadership’s continual betrayals of the principles and policies espoused in the party’s platform since the election in 1980 that put Ronald Reagan in the White House. I was wary of his track record of support for GOP leaders complicit in those betrayals (like members of the so-called Gang of Eight, whose proposals sought to relax strict enforcement of U.S. immigration laws without first and foremost establishing firm control of our borders).

Since being elected, President Trump has resolutely worked to fulfill his promise to secure the border. He has faced down the unarmed invasion forces organized and orchestrated by globalists who openly declare their goal to be a world of “nations without border,” which is to say, nations bereft of sovereignty, subject to the dictates of their globalist totalitarian clique.

The sovereign people of the United States is the particular target of effort effectively to eradicate the existence of self-governing nations. The fact that our constitutional self-government – of, by and for the people – rose to a position of pre-eminent power among all nations was an unprecedented feat the “wisdom of the ages” held to be beyond the capacity of ordinary humanity. But thanks to what America’s founders called the “genius of the American people” (otherwise known as faith in God and Jesus Christ), ordinary Americans proved fit to bear sovereign responsibility for the formation, composition and just activity of governments they ordained and established, at all levels.

Now a clique of regressive elitists (typified by visible tip-of-the-iceberg George Soros) seeks to scuttle America’s titanic achievement. They aim to restore the pattern of self-serving oligarchic government, which degraded most of humanity to little more slavery and serfdom in most times and places through the history of the world. Not without vicious irony do they label their agenda for human re-enslavement on a global scale “progressive.” For it is not humanity as a whole, but the self-worshiping creatures who seek forcibly to impose their self-worship on others who now see things making progress – toward returning to the selfish exercise of tyranny characteristic of their ilk. They mean to overturn the righteous exercise of freedom according to God’s justice, which is what liberty for all has meant, since their beginning, to the people of the United States.

In accord with his campaign promises, President Trump has been firm in his insistence that America’s sovereignty has to be defended against this assault. He has even called their abuse of unarmed civilians in attack columns against our borders by its right name – an invasion. The success or failure of his resolve depends on how and whether Congress heeds his call to defend our nation. Now that, by hook or crook, the Democrats have regained control of the U.S. House of Representatives, their congressional leaders (faithful minions of the globalist elitist faction clique) will do their best to aid the surrender of our sovereignty.

They will doubtless redouble their efforts to portray Trump as some kind of reckless incompetent, acting without deliberate regard for the consequences of his decisions. For the past week, I have been hearing various people, including Republicans like Lindsey Graham, reproaching the president along these lines for his decision to withdraw U.S. Armed Forces from Syria. I believe, however, that President Trump’s supporters should take heart. His decision in regard to Syria is of a piece with his resolve to defend the sovereign integrity of our nation’s borders, and uphold the economic basis for our sovereignty as a people, in our trade and other relations with the rest of the world.

For many years, I have joined others in warning against the strategy of endless warfare, at home and abroad, which the would-be global tyrants of the elitist faction are presently deploying to erase the sovereignty of our nation. I wrote on this extensively the spring of 1999, in the context of NATO’s questionable warfare in Yugoslavia. (Cf. “What are we doing?”; “War’s own peculiar logic”; “New World Disorder”; and “Kosovo and an American contradiction.”) At that time President Bill Clinton was more than willing to see NATO transforming itself from a defensive alliance into a multinational S.W.A.T. team, at the behest of some muddled elitist dream of “new world order.”

Perpetual war is a major ingredient in any recipe to establish and maintain perpetual tyranny. As I wrote in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in 2001:

In a free republic, such times as war increase as well the necessity that citizens trust their own judgment. Even as we willingly accept the increased energy of the government in those areas where it is truly necessary, we must increase as well our vigilant insistence that government power respect the permanent principles of liberty. The particular danger in times of war or crisis is that the legitimate need for energetic government action will provide cover for those who, from vice or ignorance, seek to expand government power at the expense of the very liberty which it is government’s purpose to secure.

Advocates of open-ended U.S. interventions can and will always find plausible arguments for extending them indefinitely. With his Syria decision, President Trump chooses to adhere to a better logic – the logic of liberty. It requires the deployment of U.S. Forces to achieve clear goals, directly connected with the moral and physical security of our country. Helping to destroy the ISIS monster (that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama indispensably contributed to creating) was such a goal.

If the president conscientiously believes that our participation in achieving that goal has attained its end, his decision to end it, even against the advice of some of his key advisers, is an act of statesmanship. For the true statesman refuses to lose sight of the dangers any given course of action may pose to the largest responsibility of his office, which is to preserve, protect and defend the constitutional self-government of the American people. Since Ronald Reagan left office, none of our presidents has truly given priority to that duty. I thank God if President Trump’s Syria decision firmly signals his determination to end that record of neglect.

I also pray God he will continue to keep it in mind as he strives to preserve and enhance our self-government. It’s a good sign that he has rebutted critics of the present curtailment of U.S. government activities, expressing confidence that Americans have the grit to take care of themselves – especially when necessary to uphold our Constitution and sovereign liberty as a nation. In this regard, President Trump’s tough decisions go far to convince me that he has an accurate understanding of the true greatness of the America people and that, unlike our elitist faction adversaries, he means to encourage us to reassert the courage that comes of our faith in God and the heart He has endowed within us, dedicated to the exercise of right, according to His will.

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