It’s the issue that “trumps” all the others in America right now.

It’s the border. It’s immigration. It’s the wall.

President Trump knows it – and he demonstrated it once again Thursday despite skepticism throughout the ranks of even his most vociferous supporters.

Why is it critically important? Why is timing everything?

Because America is facing an illegal immigration crisis that is every bit as serious, as potentially catastrophic, as imminent and real as Europe’s, there is not a minute to lose. There certainly are not any more election cycles to waste.

That’s why despite all the opposition – from the Deep State, from the media, from the popular culture, from urban America, from academia, from the courts and, most of all, from the phony Republicans – those who get this issue need to stand strong behind President Trump.

Why is the problem we are facing catastrophic?

Because if we don’t genuinely get control of our borders now, our country’s future will be unrecognizable.

That has nothing to do, by the way, with the complexion of the populace. Instead, it has to do with the way our population assimilates culturally and as citizens pledged to and knowledgeable of the American creed – a way of life committed to self-government, freedom, free speech, free press, equal justice under the law, the Constitution and fair elections.

We’re already at the tipping point.

Nearly half our country’s legal population today don’t support most of those values.

They are happy to welcome illegal, undocumented masses to join them in demanding a socialist future for America, a nation of disarmed, defenseless citizens, a culture in which people are increasingly afraid to speak out in the face of political intimidation, a country whose residents cannot assimilate because of language barriers and worldview conflicts.

Why is the opposition to Trump so strong?

Because he appears to be the last domino standing before an American future of thuggish authoritarianism and political correctness run amok.

If you think the Deep State, the media, the popular culture, urban America, academia, the courts and the phony Republicans have all been at war with Trump in his first two years, it’s only going to get worse in the next two – as Republicans, real and phony alike, will be a minority in the House beginning next month. The Democratic House will now be using its investigative powers to push impeachment before 2020.

Thank Trump for not backing down on the wall in the face of the craziness we’re experiencing in America right now:

  • Judges demanding border crashers get flown back to the U.S. for free for sanctuary hearings;
  • Military heroes whose only crimes are support for Trump getting framed by a political, weaponized FBI;
  • Monopolist billionaire tech honchos playing Big Brother-style algorithmic newspeak more efficiently and ruthlessly than any other tyrants in history.

Can it get any more bizarre?

Does it feel like we are all living in parallel realities?

What has become of the land of the free and home of the brave?

It may be the first time in American history that the winners behind the presidential election have faced such hostility, such resentment, such intimidation, such terror.

That’s why we should be thankful to President Trump today.

That’s why we should be prayerfully grateful for the toughness he has shown in the face of such ferocious derangement.

Trump may seem to be alone, but he’s not. We’ve got to raise up our voices a little bit louder and let him hear our expressions of encouragement.

And it’s not just us behind him. The opposition hates to hear it, but Trump is genuinely a picture of a fallen, imperfect man doing God’s work in a fallen, imperfect world.

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