Editor’s note: Attorney and WND columnist Larry Klayman represents journalist and author Jerome Corsi who is suing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

As a former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor and founder of both Freedom Watch and before that Judicial Watch, I was shocked and disgusted last Friday by a demand from Republican Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr and Ranking Democrat Member Mark Warner for Dr. Jerome Corsi – who has already been threatened by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his leftist, pro-Clinton, anti-Trump Democrat conflicted prosecutors with indictment if he does not testify falsely against the president – to produce a wide-ranging array of documents and then testify concerning alleged Russian collusion.

The demand, received late Friday and linked here, is clearly harassment by a “Never Trumper” Establishment Republican chairman and his very close ranking Democrat member. That all of this documentation was demanded to be produced on Dec. 28, 2018, just after the Christmas holiday, speaks to this harassment.

Given that both Burr and Warner are strong supporters of Special Counsel Mueller, their motivations are transparent. Indeed, the demand requires that all documentation already produced by Dr. Corsi to Mueller be produced to them, in addition to other politically and partisan motivated demands such as the order to produce any “communications that relate in any way to derogatory information about Hillary Clinton.”

Burr and Warner – two very close “love birds” who are attempting to take down the president of the United States – want to use my client as a whipping boy to mete out their anti-Trump and pro-Clinton agenda. It is telling that, following revelations by Edward Snowden and others of illegal and unconstitutional surveillance of millions of Americans by the FBI, NSA and CIA, as well as the illegal unmasking and surveillance of persons in and around presidential candidate Donald Trump and later his presidential transition, that both of them looked the other way and did nothing when I asked them well over a year ago to investigate this. Indeed, while Burr, Warner and their corrupt Senate Intel Committee possess oversight authority to redress illegal and unconstitutional government surveillance, they instead chose to join forces and collaborate to bring down President Trump. Burr and Warner are birds of a feather – two political hacks whose actions speaker louder than their anti-Trump establishment words! My client will not be railroaded and held out to dry by them in their joint effort to destroy the president and subvert the Constitution.

Burr and Warner are the poster boys of the Washington, D.C., establishment swamp, and politicians like them in both political parties are why the American people elected as president Donald J. Trump. And, now that we have a president who finally will tell it like it is and put words to action, We the People, including my brave clients such as Dr. Corsi, must do all that is humanly possible not just to save his presidency but the republic as a whole.

Stay tuned for more of this despicable story, and be prepared to act forcefully but also peacefully and legally in these dire times. The future and freedoms of you and your loved ones hang in the balance, just as they did for our Founding Fathers and the colonies in 1776!

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