For many, especially the young, the world of Christmas is an exciting time. It is generally a time of family visits, some presents and thoughts about how the world can be better. But not for everyone.

Sadly there are a number of people who will miss the joy the annual season gives, through poverty, isolation, health issues (both physical and mental) – and we should keep them in our thoughts and deeds. There are always times of concern given the enthusiasm of so many to solve their difficulties by violence and conflict, but we all live in the hope that they will reflect on the Christmas season and what it means to so many people.

An example of the problems can be shown through the theft of a wheelchair while a person was using a handicap toilet. A young man left the person stranded for several hours as a result of theft or a stupid prank without any regard for the person. And the thief wore a Santa hat!

Perhaps the message we should take from the special time of Christmas is that it shouldn’t be a special time. We should treat people with kindness all the year.

Dennis Fitzgerald

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