Obama wall

It was about two years ago that TMZ reported the Obamas had purchased a home in Washington, D.C., so they could remain in the nation’s capital, even though his presidency was over.

The article discussed some of the security measures being developed to protect Obama and his family.

The headline? “President Obama: Brickhouse: I’ve even got my own wall.”

The comment reverberates now as President Trump continues to fight for the border wall he has long promised, while Democrats in Congress refuse, and say they will continue refusing, to allocate any funding for a wall along the nation’s southern border.

Indeed, part of the federal government is in shut-down mode right now because of the standoff, which is expected to continue as the new Congress is sworn in within days.

Ironically, Democrats’ two main arguments opposing the wall — that a wall on the Mexican border would be “immoral” and that “walls don’t work” — contradict each other, since the “immorality” argument implies the wall works, keeping out refugees, children and other deserving folk seeking asylum.

But while “walls don’t work” is a key argument, a recent guest on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show revealed that premise to be embarrassingly false.

Watch interview with David Rubin, mayor of Shiloh, Israel:

In the interview, David Rubin, mayor of Shiloh, Israel, explained what his nation did to zero-out — that is, to completely and utterly eliminate — illegal immigration across that nation’s southern border.

Israel built a wall.

It’s a lesson many conservatives are hoping will get through to Democrats who say a wall is immoral or dangerous and just won’t work.

Border wall between Israel and Egypt (Photo by Idobi courtesy Wikimedia)

Border wall between Israel and Egypt (Photo by Idobi courtesy Wikipedia)

Rubin explained that from 2010 to 2012 some 55,000 illegal immigrants came from Africa through Egypt into Israel.

In a tiny nation like Israel, he said, “that’s a lot.”

The result was that crime rocketed in working class neighborhoods where they settled.

Grassroots interests around the country pressured the government and Israeli officials finally agreed to build the wall.

It was done in just a few years, and in 2016, there were only 11 illegal immigrants who entered Israel through that route. Additions were made to make the wall higher, and in 2017, “there was not an illegal immigrant that made it through the southern border,” Rubin said. Not one.

“It works,” he said.

“The fact is, now nobody’s complaining,” he added. “Everyone’s happy we don’t have illegal immigrants in Israel.”

Online commenters on the video page generally agreed on one goal: Built the wall.

One typical comment was from Doug Shaw, who wrote: “Hire Israel to build the wall! They know how to build walls that work 100 percent.”

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