It’s clear that some dreadful people are trying to damage the United States no matter how many unfortunate people’s lives they might ruin in the process, by dangling the absurd hope that if people can just crash across our border they’ll get asylum and Christmas stockings loaded with good things well beyond any calendar holiday.

Those forces, this column has good reason to believe, headquarter in Havana, Cuba, and do their hands-on dirty work through their puppets in Venezuela. Those forces are already furious that they don’t yet have video of a Central American woman with an infant in her arms being bayoneted by an angry American soldier. They’re not through hoping they’ll get such a video! I mean, heck, tear gas doesn’t get the eyes of readers and viewers to rain forth in anguish. After all, it’s said that Obama used tear gas 60 times!

Ignorance doesn’t last forever when you’re being cynically and criminally abused – as are the “marchers” in the caravan advancing and in the caravans forming. Word travels. Abused people get together and wise up and rise up. Already we hear about the antipathy the Mexicans are showing their unwelcome visitors. The residents of Tijuana are viciously opposed to the marchers.

I suggest the time is just right to have President Trump write a letter to everybody in a caravan heading or preparing to head northward to our border. That letter would fit on one page in impeccable Spanish, and be distributed in such a fashion as to make sure the message is heard and heeded. That letter should read something like this:

“Dear Amigo,

“Why do we address you marchers with that wonderfully warm Spanish word ‘amigo’? Because the greatest compliment that can be paid to a country is your desire to leave your own homeland and make a new life in the country you admire. And that’s exactly what you may think you are doing now.

“Unfortunately, people who do not have your true interests at heart are trying to convince you they know the tricks and tactics that can gain you admission and a new life in America. They care not that they actually injure your life in their diseased desire to harm the United States and make us look cruel and uncaring in our denial of your effort to resettle here.

“Please understand the following. We are a nation of laws. Our Constitution is hailed and revered around the world for its praiseworthy protection of everybody’s rights and its fairness as a rulebook for prosperous governance. Understand further that we want you here!

“We are all immigrants ourselves, and we need continuing immigration to fuel our continuing and growing prosperity. However, our Constitution mandates that whoever chooses to live here must join us legally, not illegally.

“Here’s how brutally you have been lied to by those pretending to be your friends. They want you to believe that if you can reach American soil, you’ll be granted ‘asylum.’ Indeed, American law provides for asylum, but please understand how remote your chances of receiving asylum really are.

“You must prove you are in personal danger because of your political activities or your race or religion. Wanting a better life in America is not enough to gain asylum status. Even if it were enough, you’ve already successfully left the country where you claim to be in danger and entered Mexico. Almost all American judges are likely to disqualify you on the grounds that you’ve already overcome that danger by getting to Mexico!

“Your numbers are waning. Many of your fellow caravan partners have left the caravan and headed for home. This episode is a disappointment, but we’re offering a plan to give your desire to immigrate to America a happy ending!

“Our State Department is hiring a fleet of comfortable buses to take you back to your homelands. Effective next Monday, one dozen buses will begin shuttle trips to a dozen points, offering free rides and meals to all caravanners who wish to return to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in comfort.

“We hope to see you again when you’ve visited the nearest American embassy or consulate and applied to gain legal entry into the United States of America.

“After World War II, millions of people without homes were called DPs, meaning ‘Displaced Persons.’

“Millions of Americans felt that designation was too harsh, and requested those victims of war be called not ‘Displaced Persons,’ but rather ‘Delayed Pilgrims.’

“And that’s how we’d like to welcome you to a good life in America. Legally, that is!”

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