We could have had the reverse, of course. Had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election, we would have had the most corrupt organized crime syndicate in our nation’s history dismantling America and selling the assets to the highest bidder.

One need only look at Hillary’s State Department, pay-to-play. You know that game, right? It goes like this. First, you make a good-faith, tax deductible contribution to my private foundation, or pay for a speech Bill or I deliver. That gets my attention. Then, you and I meet privately. You tell me what you want, I tell you how much it’s going to cost. War with North Korea? Expanded Middle East wars? War with Russia? Sure, we can do that. War is profitable; except for the little people in the military.

Oh, you don’t care about our wars? You want to start your own? Let’s get rolling then with some sales of prohibited defense technology, equipment and munitions. You remember, like Bill did with China and missile technology back in the day? Sure, we can do that. You have to wire the money into our foundation before the election, though. When I become president, I’ll waive the export prohibitions. Then we can talk about a serious deal. You’ve been fast-tracked; trust me.

It’s a very safe bet that media commentary about a Clinton presidency would have been effusive. Certainly 90 percent positive. “Peace in our time.” Saved by the blue states. Thank heavens those bitter Bible-clingers didn’t elect that warmonger, Trump.

Oh, wait! They did. And if Trump thinks he has it bad now with Mueller, well with Hillary’s FBI and Department of Justice fully on the job there would be nothing left of his money or family. Every one of them would be rotting in prison for attempting to run against Hillary.

That’s my view of the lost election that big media in America has been avenging during the first two years of Donald J. Trump’s presidency. Roughly 90 percent of press coverage is negative. A peace deal with North Korea? Bah! Humbug! The U.S. Embassy in Israel moved to Jerusalem? You’ll start a war! American troops home from Syria? Yeah, the war ended in 2013, but so what? Deals with Russia? Are you insane! They’ve got nukes.

And let’s not forget those trade deals. Doesn’t Trump know that the whole purpose of international trade deals is to steal from America’s little people and divide the wealth among the kleptocracy of our trading partners? This is why an inexperienced president is such a disaster! Who is going to funnel the money we gave our trading partners back to us?

Nothing, however, approaches the political fervor accompanying a wall along our southern border. Doesn’t Trump know that it’s unconstitutional to stop new Democrat Party voters, gang members, repeat deportees and Soros operatives from flooding across our border into America whenever they feel like it? Immigration requirements are racist, sexist, homophobic and phobiephobic, and besides they hurt the children who are bankrupting our welfare system! Trump is a monster! Impeach!

Meanwhile, life just gets better and better for ordinary Americans. Jobs are plentiful. Wages are up. The number of people working is up. Minorities are getting hired. Trump’s first two years as reported by our Mockingbird Media is kind of like a weather forecast. If you want to know what kind of a day you’re having, look out the window.

Let the media wallow in doom and gloom. Learn how to decide for yourself if it’s a nice day outside. The number of nice days you have will increase day by day.

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