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Woman leaving for church shoots, kills intruder

Scene of fatal shooting of intruder in Detroit Dec. 2, 2018 (Screenshot WJBK-TV, Detroit)

A Detroit woman heading out the door on her way to church Sunday shot and killed an intruder who forced her and two other women back into their home.

Detroit Police determined the woman who fired the gun, age 55, acted in self-defense and won’t face any charges, reported WJBK-TV, the Fox affiliate in Detroit.

She was leaving for church with the two other women, ages 75 and 29, when a man lurking outside forced them back in the house. The 55-year-old retrieved the gun and fired twice at the intruder.

WJBK spoke to a neighbor who said she was about to go to church when she heard the shots.

Lashundra Craig was asked by a reporter for the station if she could have pulled the trigger as her neighbor did.

“Yes, I don’t own a gun, but if I did and they were in my house, yes,” she said.

Craig said the threat was “pretty normal” in her neighborhood, noting her house was broken into less than a month ago in broad daylight.

She said the mostly elderly people and single mothers on her street are likely targets.

“Watch your back, like I’m on the corner, I got trees and woods; they could be waiting anywhere for you,” said Craig.