Someone once described Britain’s conservative leader Margaret Thatcher this way: “She has the eyes of Caligula and the lips of Marilyn Monroe.” Others labeled her “Iron Maggie,” attempting to discredit her strong leadership skills.

Former President Ronald Reagan was lambasted as the “amiable dunce.” The label came from none other than longtime White House adviser Clark Gifford.

Our current president is branded with names not suitable to print as well as some so offensive one winces upon hearing them. He is hammered incessantly by the media, mocked ridiculously by late-night comedians and parodied on “Saturday Night Live” in downright cruel and degrading ways. A CNN host said on national TV that “Trump hates Christmas parties [untrue] because he’s jealous of Jesus, and the gatherings are not about him.”

Trump is blamed repeatedly for dividing the country. Going back to his very inauguration (which some politicians refused to attend), opponents resist his every move, not putting the good of the country first. He’s consistently faulted for everything wrong – but like in football, when a team loses games it’s not only the quarterback but other players as well.

“Never Trumpers” and “Trump Bashers” despise our president while a basically corrupt press promotes a blackout of the good he has done, stalk him daily to magnify perceived missteps and remain dismissive of the very real progress he’s made to “Make America Great Again.”

Giving honor with grateful hearts

Organizations and ministries communicate in end-of-the-year reports their achievements to inspire their constituents. You can be certain the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets won’t follow this path in giving Donald Trump “honor to whom honor is due” (Romans 13:7).

One of dozens of examples would be his outstanding job securing the 2028 Summer Olympics and the 2026 World Cup for America. Obama tried repeatedly and failed. The U.S. securing these two global sporting events should be credited to our leader, but be honest – were you aware of what he accomplished in these cases?

I’d like to present a list of just some accomplishments the Trump administration achieved that should be seen as gifts enhancing our lives. It’s not exhaustive, but may it engender gratitude in our hearts to God for this hardworking leader and his team. Most importantly, may it stir us to continue praying consistently for our president and leaders as Scripture directs (1 Timothy 2:1-4) in this new year.

Let me to make a suggestion in line with what follows. You, your family and friends will benefit greatly from reading the outstanding book “Trump Aftershock” by Steve Strang to gain a fuller appreciation for what many believe was divine intervention with Trump’s election. I read it in one day, gave out 10 copies and strongly recommend it at this pivotal time.

10 gifts from Trump

The year is almost over, so what’s President Trump really done?

1. He worked uncompromisingly to uphold our Judeo Christian foundations and restore a pro-family, pro-faith, pro-life culture. From Vice President Mike Pence to his Cabinet members and his spiritual advisory team, he’s placed committed Christians around him. It’s been said, “Donald Trump may not be our most religious president, but he certainly is our most pro-religious president.” Example: Instead of ignoring persecuted Christians held captive, he engaged personally and aggressively to secure their release.

2. He secured tax reform and incentives, doubling the standard deduction so the first $24,000 of a family’s income is tax-free and child tax credits expanded so we’ll keep more of our hard-earned money. A stimulated economy has brought about the lowest Hispanic and black unemployment rates in the history of the United States, plus 3.5 million Americans are off food stamps!

3. He used his business acumen to help businesses create 1.5 million new jobs! His policies have brought overall unemployment lower, with wages rising, and engendered manufacturing confidence so our GDP growth is the envy of an onlooking world. Example: He just signed what he called “the largest trade deal ever made” with Mexico and Canada, replacing the foolish North American Free Trade Agreement, which benefited others and caused America to suffer. Although fear of a recession ever remains, our vibrant economy is a great feather in Donald Trump’s hat.

4. He removed intrusive, job-killing regulations, renegotiated lopsided international deals, ended the war on coal by approving major projects and pipelines and signed an executive order to free Americans from the grip of the unreasonable Obamacare debacle.

5. He appointed originalists and pro-life conservatives to the Supreme Court and federal courts across America to uphold our Constitution, our God-given liberties and positively influence the direction of our nation for decades to come. Example: California law replicated in nine states mandating abortion-promoting posters in pro- life centers was overturned because he put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

6. In spite of fierce opposition and politicians recklessly endorsing “open borders,” he stands resolute to enforce our immigration laws, secure our borders, and keep terrorists, gang members and drug dealers out. He’s also restoring respect for law enforcement and rebuilding the military with the largest increase in defense spending in a decade.

7. He put Iran on notice and made it clear we would not certify Obama’s foolish nuclear deal while at the same time brought unprecedented economic and diplomatic pressure to bear on North Korea, preventing war. An unthinkable, catastrophic war was averted, one that would have cost millions of lives in addition to setting the stock market plummeting.

8. ISIS is rapidly disintegrating, territorial caliphates are crumbling, and we’re able to withdraw our troops from Syria because of competent leadership and strong military initiatives put in place. A liberal press that gave Obama a free pass with ISIS running wild in Syria suddenly comes to life with criticism about the phased withdrawal of 2,000 troops that, if needed, can return in a matter of hours.

Our NATO allies are understanding they must contribute their fair share to our common defense. With renewed American strength, we’re witnessing renewed respect for America on the international stage.

9. He’s safeguarded our religious liberties that were under assault with the previous administration. He established the “Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom,” protecting individuals from having to compromise religious convictions; launched the “White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative,” giving faith-based businesses equal access to federal funding; and secured for churches and synagogues formerly prohibited access to FEMA funds for disaster relief. Additionally, he’s raised awareness that it’s time to remove the infamous “Johnson Amendment” that has instilled fear in pastors for decades.

10. Finally, he restored our previously fractured relationship with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, courageously moved our embassy to Jerusalem and boldly confronted anti-Semitic Palestinian leadership at the United Nations.

Here’s the deal: Despite his sins and failures along with his flawed personality, Donald Trump has worked tirelessly amidst a tsunami of unbelievable demonic opposition to bring respect back to our nation and, yes, make America great again. Be thankful for the gifts he presents to you from his two years in office, and pray for him every day for protection, wisdom, stamina and God’s grace to be upon him mightily at this critical time of history.

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