4 things that tick off Yahweh

By WND Staff

Hello, “Pastor Farah.” Yet another great sermon!

Yes, it is really too bad that man has chosen NOT to follow God’s rules for living. It becomes very clear that we would have instant world peace IF we all decided to follow Yahweh’s rules for peaceful living. Of course, building walls also means that one other thing Yahweh wants is accomplished: keeping people Yahweh doesn’t like away from the people Yahweh loves. (I know this is politically incorrect, but all one has to do is read the old and new Testaments and it becomes very clear that this is what Yahweh wants.)

However, as you are clearly aware, Nancy Pelosi’s party is now the party of Satan. Please allow me to explain: Everything Yahweh finds to be an abomination the Democratic Party and the people looking to the Democrats to usher in utopia enthusiastically support. To wit: making children pass thru fire in sacrifice to Molech, better known as abortion. Homosexuality. Drug use and pornography (see Galatians 5:22 for the Greek words translated as witchcraft and fornication). While there are other sins this nation is committing, these are the “big four” that really has Yahweh p*ssed at us.

So, if Democrats, liberals, socialists, communists, leftists, etc. don’t like this, that’s just too bad for them. That’s why Yahweh is gathering the people He doesn’t like into cities, and why cities are the seedbeds of anti-Yahweh and especially anti-America sentiment. It don’t take no rokut science to read what Yahweh has planned for cities.

So, thanks for another good sermon.

(NOT Pastor) Mike Martin

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