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What do you really know about your neighbors? Odds are, they know a lot about you. They see your comings and goings. They know how many kids you have. And if you’ve invited your neighbors over for a backyard BBQ, they know the layout of your home and the expensive items you own.

In a perfect world, our neighbors would always have our best interests at heart. But in reality, there’s a lot we don’t know. Cover your bases by looking up the people in your neighborhood with an online background check.

TruthFinder offers easy public records searches that can find the background information you need to know, like criminal records, sex offender status, and even aliases.

How can a background check keep you and your family safe? Here are five important reasons you should look up your neighbors today.

1. They could have criminal records

Lots of people have been pulled over for a busted brake light or old registration tags. But what if your neighbors have been convicted of something serious, like a DUI? That’s important info if your kids enjoy playing in the street.

TruthFinder reports pull data from court dockets and arrest records, which means you may be able to see if a person has been charged with anything from petty theft to drug possession. Criminal records can even include arrest dispositions and sentencing dates, so you can know if the person borrowing a cup of sugar has ever been behind bars.

2. They own weapons

All Americans have the right to bear arms, but if you’re a parent, you have a very good reason to know if your neighbors are carrying weapons. According to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, an average of 5,790 children receive medical treatment each year for gun-related injuries in the United States. Of those injuries, 21% are unintentional. Between 2012 to 2014, over 1,200 American children died annually from a gun-related injury.

Accidents happen. Before your children spend time with the neighbor’s kids and explore their home unsupervised, use TruthFinder. When you view a premium background report, available for a one-time additional fee, exclusive information like weapons and hunting permits may be available.

3. They could be sex offenders

Many states have restrictions and community notification laws in place for sex criminals. But if you want an instant snapshot of any registered sex offenders that live in or around your neighborhood, use TruthFinder.

TruthFinder members have access to reverse address lookups. When you look up an address, you’ll be able to view FBI crime statistics and nearby sex offenders. The report will also display the details of their crime, including the date of the charge and location. From there, you can pull the person’s background report to view additional details, such as their location history, related links, social media profiles, and more.

4. They live with a felon

Your neighbor might have a clean record, but what if they’re bunking with someone who has a serious rap sheet? When you view a TruthFinder Premium Report, you can view important details about a person’s possible roommates and associates — including any criminal records you deserve to know about.

Maybe you’re best friends with your neighbor, but their husband has a history of drug charges. Or maybe you’ve noticed a few things have gone missing in your garage, and your neighbor is associated with people who have theft convictions on their background reports.

When you sign up with TruthFinder, you have access to unlimited Standard Reports. This means you can pull as many reports as you want, whenever you want. (And trust us: it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole when you’re getting the scoop from public records data.)

5. Their social networks are shocking

You’re lucky enough to live with awesome neighbors who open their home to you. But sometimes, the people we know in real life are far different than the personas they have online.

When you view a background report in TruthFinder, you can view related links, like social media profiles from Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. If the sweet mom next door routinely spouts hateful rhetoric on her secret Twitter profile, you might think twice about inviting her to your next pool party.

Don’t live in the dark. With a TruthFinder membership, you can uncover the information about your neighbors you deserve to know. Search your name, address, or a neighbor’s name to get started! Just click here!