America: The most corrupt country in the world

By Around the Web

(Common Dreams) — The United States fell 6 places to a ranking of only 22 in Transparency International’s‘s list of countries by corruption. Under Trump, America is not in the top 20 for fair dealing.

But as I have argued before, the United States is the most corrupt country in the world, and should be ranked 194, not 22. What follows is a much revised version of my popular list.

Obviously, the US Departments of Justice and the Treasury would not give corporations impunity for obtaining contracts by bribery, and it is this sort of scrupulousness that the Transparency International list is rewarding. And Americans don’t have to bribe government officials, as is true in many countries (though to be fair to the government officials, they typically demand bribes because their governments don’t pay them a living wage).

But in all sorts of ways, US corruption is off the charts, and since the US is still the number one economy in the world by nominal GDP, massive corruption here has a global impact.

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