Americans finally realize climate change a major threat

By Around the Web

(TRO FIRE) – According to the latest round of polling, the American public is increasing realizing that climate change is not only caused by human activity, but that it presents a very serious threat to our country and our planet. These poll numbers are encouraging, but public response is not equal to political action. We need our elected officials to wake up to the same realities that the American public now recognizes.

According to a fascinating new report called climate change in the American mind, American citizens by and large by large margins believed that not only is climate change real, not only are human beings causing it, but that it presents a very real threat to their individual lives, and it is that last part that is so alarming because for years we have seen polls. Those of us who’ve studied climate change, who have reported on climate change for more than a decade now, we have seen polls that show that yeah, the average American voters, both Democrats and Republicans, majority of them think climate change is real and that human beings are causing it. Now. It’s only been within the last couple years that we’ve seen polls show that majorities of voters want something done about it, but up to this point, we had not seen the consistent polling that shows that these people view climate change as a threat to their lives.

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