Astounding legislation protects cows but not babies

By Barbara Simpson

Who would have thought the headlines would be filled with accusations of politicians who violate their religious beliefs because of laws concerning abortion?

The latest to be so accused – certainly not the first, nor the last – is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The reason? His signature on the Reproductive Health Act on Jan. 22 which legalizes abortion in New York State any time during a woman’s pregnancy.

But are you aware of a new law that protects pregnant females and, in fact, forbids any procedure that puts the unborn child in danger?

I saw the news report from New Jersey last month that Brianna had escaped a truck that was taking her to the place where she and her unborn baby would be killed.

She got away and was taken to a place of sanctuary were she gave birth; mother and child doing fine.

Democratic Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly was so taken with Brianna’s story that he’s drafted legislation that appears headed to passage.

His law would make transporting pregnant livestock for slaughter and killing pregnant livestock a fourth-degree crime – carrying big fines.

You got it. Brianna is a cow and she got away from the people who planned to slaughter her and her unborn baby.

Listen to the reasons for Wimberly’s proposed law. He says. “Cattle can’t defend themselves on issues like this. … It’s animal rights. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the moral thing to do and you’re protecting something that really can’t protect itself.”

He said he talked with his pastor about it, who said: “Brianna knew she had to save her child.” The newborn calf was named “Winter.”

It’s a sweet story, but I wonder if that politician knows that New Jersey has a law that allows human abortions up until birth, with the state funding for all or most medically necessary abortions.

Amazing, isn’t it? More concern is given for the welfare of animals than for the survival of the most innocent of humans. No concern here about rights, morality or protection.

It’s enough to make my head spin; but other states allow easy abortions as well as New Jersey: Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, New Hampshire and the District of Columbia.

Who knew? Amazing isn’t it, that the media just never reported on such situations?

No sooner had Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act into law on Jan. 22 (to wild cheering from the legislature) than there were demands from pro-life groups that he be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Cuomo wears his Catholicism like a badge.

Unfortunately, no clergy has had the courage to follow through with that demand. Pope Francis apparently is too busy with the youth meeting In Panama to have any reaction to the draconian legislation in the Empire State, which essentially allows for the deliberate killing of an unborn child right up until the moment of birth.

It’s called “abortion,” the “woman’s right to choose.” It allows the woman to make the decision at any time during her pregnancy. It does not have to be a physician who does the deed. There are NO protections for a child who happens to survive the abortion; and in fact, it can then be deliberately killed or allowed to die. Any protections for the child that had existed in the law have been removed by the new legislation.

Prior to this, any procedure which resulted in a child surviving was called a “botched abortion” – in other words, the abortion didn’t kill the baby. Now that will never happen because any surviving infant will be quickly dispatched or just left to die.

There are serious questions as to whether a physician or health care worker can refuse for moral reasons to participate in such procedures. Apparently that will have to be fought out in court later.

The numbers of abortions worldwide is astronomical – hundreds and hundreds of thousands. With the loosening of laws in this country, it will only increase. For politicians, it’s just numbers. For Planned Parenthood, it’s the same. Women in – women out – baby parts out.

If you think of it, the real winner in all of this is Planned Parenthood. It does thousands of abortions annually, and each one results in the body of a preborn child.

Like it or not, every abortion means income for Planned Parenthood. They may flush some aborted babies down the drain or dump some into the trash, but they also sell parts of those children for research, for product development or whatever else our scientific establishment can conjure up to create a new use.

Just visualize what their “baby supply” will look like when the unborn are at eight or nine months development – ages at which they could survive outside the womb.

This is the subject of the worst horror movie. This is the subject of the horrors of past civilizations. Unfortunately, this is the subject of our world today and our civilized cultures are making it easier for us to kill our own children. It matters not whether it’s China’s forced abortions or Pol Pot’s killing of the children of the educated, or the Soviet Union’s Gulag – or today’s sanitized abortions – it’s all infanticide and we actually have elected politicians and educated people accepting it; and in many cases, our taxes foot the bill.

It is detestable and disgusting and it makes me ashamed of the direction our country is going. Except for New Jersey, where if you’re a pregnant cow, you’re safe.

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