CNN: Kamala Harris ‘not black enough’

By WND Staff


Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Identity politics will be the downfall of the Democratic Party, suggests talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

It’s after left-leaning CNN host Don Lemon openly wondered if rising star Kamala Harris is black enough.

Said Lemon: “Being African-American is different than being black. You can be black and Cuban. You can be black and Caribbean. You can be black and Dominican. You can be black and, you know, South African. But the experience is different as an African-American, someone whose culture and experiences are born out of the American slave trade and … out of Jim Crow is different than someone whose ancestors weren’t and who didn’t have those experiences, if you were born out of that, if you have roots from that particular struggle.”

Limbaugh discussed the issue on Wednesday.

He noted Lemon was recalling how Barack Obama, whose mother was white, was challenged for not being “black enough.”

“It’s silly. It is stupid! But it’s precisely identity politics. They’re doing a whole segment here on, ‘Is Kamala Harris black enough? Is she really African-American? Just like we had to discover about Obama! You know, he wasn’t all that dark,’ and then they found out, ‘Well, he’s half… His mother was white!’ ‘Well, it doesn’t matter, influences are more important than Obama.’ Then they start running around and some of the Obama opponents on the Democrat side said, ‘He’s not down for the struggle. This guy, Obama, does not have any slave blood.'”

Limbaugh recalled Obama had to “counter” that idea.

“I forget what words he said. But he started speaking in ‘African-American type dialect,’ ’cause he knew he wasn’t down for the struggle, didn’t have ‘slave blood.’ They’’re talking about this all over again with Kamala Harris. ‘Is she dark enough? Is she really, really African-American or not?’ And it’s an important thing. These guys are acknowledging it,” he said.

Lemon said it was “an important distinction … do you identify as a person of color, a black person, or as distinctively and instinctively African-American.”

“And there you have it. So these are the struggles that the left is going through now as potential Democrat nominees who are people of color begin to tell each other how they identify. Because, you know, a ‘person of color’ is different than ‘black,’ is different than being African-American, different being Cuban-American, Jamaican-American, ’cause being down for the struggle,” Limbaugh said.

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