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Coin honors Nikki Haley's work at U.N.

Nikki Haley (Video screenshot)

The Sanhedrin in Israel is creating a special commemorative coin to honor U.S Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley for her “strength of character” and her battles “against an ongoing agenda that endangers the entire world.”

It also is offering her an invitation to be honorary president of the “Seventy Nations Organization Jerusalem,” according to a new report from Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz at Breaking Israel News.

Haley served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations for the first two years of the Trump administration, stepping down just days ago. She repeatedly called out the international body over its anti-Israel agenda. The U.S. and Israel formally abandoned their memberships in the body’s science branch, UNESCO, at the same time Haley stepped down.

BIN reports the coin shows Haley’s image over a representation of the U.N. General Assembly building in New York. Flags representing the U.S. and Israel also are shown.

The words “Seventy Nations Organization Jerusalem” are in Hebrew and English.

Rabbi Hillel Weis, a spokesman for the Sanhedrin, told BIN, “It is imperative that all 70 nations take part in the preparations for the Third Temple in order for it to be truly a ‘House of prayer for all nations.'”

Weis said Haley “not only helped Israel but through her strength of character and by adherence to truth, she fought against an ongoing agenda that endangers the entire world.”

The Sanhedrin previously created a coin honoring both President Donald Trump and the king of ancient Persia, Cyrus, “who ended the Babylonian exile and played a pivotal role in establishing the Second Temple in 516 B.C.” Trump’s role was to allow a U.S. law to take effect that moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.

The decision drew vehement opposition from the Muslim world, including one leader’s promise that the result would be terrorist attacks.

“Weiss cited the UNESCO resolutions which erased entire sections of the Bible while rewriting world history by referring to Jerusalem and Hebron as exclusively Muslim holy sites,” BIN reported.

Weis told BIN that such behavior by the U.N. “endangers every sovereign nation.”

“Nikki Haley stood in the breach against all the forces that would place any nation at the whim of political agendas. In addition to the key role she played in recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, she played an essential role in reinforcing Israel’s claim to the Golan, a claim based on the biblical borders of Israel reaching until the Euphrates. Every nation should take heart that figures like Haley will strengthen national borders and each nation’s unique history, language, and heritage.”

The Sanhedrin in recent weeks dedicated an altar to be used in the Third Temple, BIN said.

“The altar and the Temple service brought holiness, purity, and humility into the world,” the organization said in a statement. “These traits when coupled with truth and peace are necessary for the world to exist. Just as Adam, the first man, recognized his Creator by sacrificing on an altar, we invite all of mankind, in particular, those who wish to rededicate the world to a Bible-based reality, to take part in establishing a renewed Temple and its service through this coin.”

BIN reports the coin will cost $50 and orders are being taken by email until a website is fully set up.

“Jews who purchase the coin can consider it as fulfilling the mitzvah (Torah commandment) of the half shekel. In the days of the Temple, every male in Israel was obligated to donate a half-shekel of silver at the beginning of the month of Adar which was used to pay for the operating expenses of the Temple for the entire year,” BIN reported.

The report also said the idea of 70 nations is Bible-based and “symbolizes the basis for the organization while not being intended to imply a limit or requirement for participation. Seventy nations appear in reference to the 70 oxen offered in the Temple throughout Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) which the Talmud (Sukkah 55b) teaches are for the merit of the 70 nations. The Sanhedrin is planning a conference in Jerusalem to present the Organization of 70 Nations to the world and to invite nations to participate.”