Cold snap prompts ‘avoid taking deep breaths’ warning

By Around the Web

(Daily Mail) A deadly arctic deep freeze is wreaking havoc on tens of millions of people across the United States who are bracing for recording-breaking low temperatures that have already halted postal services, cancelled more than 2,700 flights and shutdown schools and businesses.

Plummeting temperatures in Chicago have forecasters predicting that the city will be colder than parts of Alaska, the North Pole and Antarctica.

The National Weather service says the temperature in Chicago dropped early Wednesday to minus 19 degrees, which breaks the previous record low for the day that was set in 1966. Temperatures are expected drop as low as negative 28 degrees as the day progresses.

In comparison, temperatures are predicted to be in the teens and lows 20s at the US McMurdo Antarctic research station. Temperatures in the North Pole are expected to reach minus 20 degrees and Alaska is forecast to have high in the mid-teens.

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