In relation to politicians’ talk of raising taxes on high-income Americans: There was a story about a college girl who worked hard to get straight A’s in her courses.

She told her dad she was thinking about becoming a Democrat.

Her dad said that she then should be OK with giving away two of her grade letters to the students who to didn’t bother to study: so she would downgrade herself from an A to a C, and the others who didn’t study would be raised from an F to a C, so everyone would be equal, whether they worked and studied or not.

“That’s not fair!” The girl cried. “I worked hard to get straight A’s, and these other students didn’t study at all! There is no way I am going to give away two of my grade letters to people who could have gotten good grades but chose not to study!”

Her dad replied, “Welcome to the Republican Party.”

Curtis Smale

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