Democrats experts on ‘manufactured crises’

By Joseph Farah

You’ve heard Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, as well as their agitprop chorus in the media, explain that the border security is nothing more than a “manufactured crisis” – indeed, one manufactured by President Donald Trump.

While Pelosi is not impressed with the deadly horrors our porous southern border is inflicting on our country, she is much more concerned about “climate change,” which she calls “the existential threat of our time.” Schumer agrees with Pelosi and believes we could prevent hurricanes “if we did more on climate change.”

Let’s compare these “crises” to determine which is real and which is manufactured.

First, let’s examine the so-called crisis of “climate change.” Despite what Schumer says, there is no evidence – none – that any action by human beings to stop the climate from changing will ever defuse even one tropical storm from becoming a hurricane. In fact, it’s impossible to link any storms with man’s activity on the planet, rising levels of carbon dioxide or any other so-called “greenhouse gases.”

Therefore, the number of deaths in the world one could attribute to man-made catastrophic climate change to date is zero.

While Pelosi and Schumer speculate about an impending worldwide disaster from climate change, the ravages of an insecure border can be demonstrated right now with statistics like this one: More Americans die annually of overdoses from drugs smuggled through our insecure border than did in the entire Vietnam War.

That’s a real crisis, not one manufactured in Donald Trump’s imagination. In fact, if two people could persuasively be accused of manufacturing the tragedy of our insecure border, it would be Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who collectively have spent 65 years in the Congress working on what they reverently call “comprehensive immigration reform.” They are among the chief architects of the plan to allow Americans to be subjected to this brutal, all-out, undeclared war from across our border.

No one needs to guess what an insecure border will cost America this year – the deaths of more than 70,000 Americans from smuggled illegal drugs, just like last year, maybe more.

But guessing and hypothesizing about “existential threats” posed by climate change is all the scaremongers can do.

Remember Al Gore? What did he tell us?

In his 2006 movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” he told us the sea levels would have risen 20 feet by now because of the melting Arctic ice.

Do you know how much they have actually risen?

Possibly 3 millimeters a year. Do you know how long it would take for sea levels to rise 20 feet at that rate? We wouldn’t even be halfway there by the year 3019.

Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are selling fiction. They are peddling doom. And it all has one goal – the end of national sovereignty and the rights of people to determine their own future through free elections and representative government.

Manufactured crises? They should know about them. They are the experts.

America’s problems of illegal immigration have haunted the country for more than 40 years.

Donald Trump came to power in 2017 with a pledge to solve the mess Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the Deep State created. That was only two years ago. How did he manufacture the crisis we all recognize in our failed immigration system today? Obviously, he didn’t. Obviously, those accusing him of manufacturing this crisis are actually accusing him of what they have been doing over their many decades in power in Washington.

By the way, manufacturing crises is what they do to maintain power and to monopolize their stranglehold on power. Indeed, it’s an age-old trick of tyrants throughout history.

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