Dems claim moral superiority while high-fiving infanticide

By David Kupelian


Has anyone else noticed that at the very moment the Democratic Party has sunk to shocking new lows of immorality – like legalizing and celebrating infanticide – it simultaneously and on an almost hourly basis accuses the Republican Party and President Trump of “immorality”? Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillebrand and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can barely open their mouths in public these days without attacking the “morality” of Republicans, the president and all who support his agenda.

Beyond the grotesque hypocrisy, there’s a powerful truth buried in this. Let’s dig it out.

First, to be clear, in speaking of the Democrats’ increasingly immoral agenda, we’re not referring solely to New York’s barbaric new abortion law, which legalizes virtually every atrocity for which abortionist Kermit Gosnell is now serving life in prison, having been convicted on three first-degree murder counts. But let’s start there.

The so-called Reproductive Health Act permits abortion not only throughout all nine months up to the very moment of birth, and for any (or no) reason, but even after the baby is bornthe dictionary definition of infanticide. Yet the hideous law itself was almost overshadowed by the ghoulish celebration that broke out following the Jan. 22 New York Senate vote. Cheering, applause, hugs and exuberant high fives filled the chamber, followed by the beyond-tasteless illumination in pink – to celebrate “women’s rights” – of the spire atop One World Trade Center, the rebuilt tower that serves, with heartrending irony, as a memorial to the thousands of innocent American lives lost there during the 9-11 attacks. (You want irony? A new report reveals that Planned Parenthood aborts an average of 911 American babies per day.)

So now other states led by Democratic majorities are following in New York’s bloody footsteps. Virginia Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran just proposed a law to permit abortion in her state through all nine months of pregnancy, even publicly specifying that the mother can decide to kill her baby literally as she is dilating and about to give birth. Shockingly, the state’s Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam said on-camera he is just fine with that.

Similar bills have been introduced in Vermont and Rhode Island. It’s the happening thing in today’s “Shout Your Abortion” Democratic Party.

And yet, such horrors as celebrating infanticide – reminiscent of the ancient sacrifice of children to the pagan god Moloch – constitute only the most graphic example of Democrats’ latest plunge into immorality.

The rest of their 2020 agenda consists of a slew of outright anti-American, Marxist and just-plain-insane programs giddily promoted by the Democrats’ radical new socialist standard-bearers. There’s current presidential frontrunner California Sen. Kamala Harris’s astounding advocacy of nationalizing the entire health care sector (“Medicare for All”) and eliminating all private insurance, and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s equally mind-numbing proclamation that America should stop all fossil fuel production in pursuit of a “Green New Deal.” And then of course there’s free college for all, confiscatory new taxes including a 70 percent marginal rate, de facto open borders, a vastly expanding welfare state for illegal aliens, and on and on it goes.

Such utopian promises – closely mirroring those made by Marxist demagogues over the last century, which soon enough led to abject totalitarian slavery, mass death and unimaginable misery (most recently in oil-right Venezuela, where inflation is 80,000 percent and there is no toilet paper) – are way beyond stupid. They’re even way beyond literally impossible to achieve. They are, simply, a sure formula for national suicide. And suicide is immoral.

Strangely, despite having sunk into new depths of immorality, Democrats in typical lockstep have adopted a new talking-points regimen that involves continually accusing Republicans and the president of being shockingly “immoral.”

A border wall to protect Americans from the corrupt, narco-terrorist state to our south is an “immorality,” intones House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, her voice dripping with religious fervor, repeatedly assuring the press that Democrats won’t under any circumstances fund Trump’s “immoral” border wall. (That would be the exact same border wall Democrats funded, publicly supported and built hundreds of miles worth just a few years ago.)

But that’s only the beginning. From morning to night, Trump is branded “morally unfit” by leftwing cable pundits (who Tucker Carlson accurately refers to as “dumb people on TV”) for the president’s alleged “racism” and “misogyny,” for his unvarnished tweets, for his immoral practice of “caging migrant children” (and they have the photos to prove it – taken during Obama’s presidency), and for just, you know, Trump’s general moral unfitness to be president.

Thus, Democratic 2020 presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand, U.S. senator from New York, vows to fight to restore America’s “moral compass,” which she says has been lost under Trump. Gillibrand – whose policy positions have shifted more radically (from moderate to far-left) than almost any other public official in modern America and who is widely seen as a quintessentially unprincipled, finger-to-the-wind, power-mad politician – uses the word “moral” (“moral compass,” “moral question,” “moral conviction”) in virtually every public statement she makes these days.

Meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez – who claims the “three chambers of government [are] the presidency, the Senate, and the House,” and yet who is such a brilliant climate scientist that she’s calculated the earth will perish in 12 years due to global warming – argues that capitalism is immoral and “wrong,” and that it’s “immoral” that America even allows billionaires to exist.

What’s really happening here? This is not just your run-of-the-mill virtue signaling.

As I explained recently in “Democrats and the dark art of projection”:

Those who are guilty of all this leftist insanity – trying to disarm law-abiding citizens, accusing thoroughly decent people of being “racists,” demanding open borders, defending late-term abortion and so on – project their guilt and blame onto others because they actually know, on some level, they are guilty. There is, after all, this thing we call conscience (“con+science,” literally, “with knowing”). Whether they acknowledge it or not, they know deep down they are guilty. Why? Because God is real, “right and wrong” are a real thing, we are spiritual-moral beings, and thus we all experience guilt when we do wrong.

But what happens when we don’t want to admit we’re wrong?

If we’re leftists, we transfer our guilt and blame to an innocent party and in return we appropriate their innocence. Stay with me here. If this sounds a little religious, that’s because like everything else with the left, we’re actually dealing with a religion – a very perverse one. Whereas in Christianity, through Christ’s atoning death, the repentant sinner is graced to be able to transfer his or her guilt to the innocent Son of God in return for His innocence – the greatest gift of a loving God – the angry left relies on its own inverted version of salvation by trading its guilt for others’ (relative) innocence. That’s what we call projection.

Remember, for the left, emotion – feeling – is everything. A man who feels like a woman is a woman. There’s no objective truth – only how you feel.

With that in mind, how does someone who’s been seduced into embracing today’s mad, utopian, socialist, sexual-anarchy, gender-fluid, identity-politics gospel, which is basically immoral in any traditional sense of the word, maintain the idea that he or she is morally superior? That requires constant comparison with people who are far less moral. People like you.

That’s why the left continually defames utterly decent Americans as racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, too white, too male – in a word, too immoral. Without that feeling of moral superiority by comparison, they would – perhaps for the first time – wake up and experience the pride-and-illusion-shattering influence of their own conscience, with which they are currently at war.

So let’s answer the question: How can people who high-five each other over the barbaric murder of beautiful, full-term human babies see themselves as morally superior to you? Only one way: They steal the “moral” label from you by accusing you of being immoral – immoral for wearing a MAGA hat at a prolife march, immoral for wanting to stop endless caravans of unknown migrants from invading our national home, immoral for not agreeing that confused men are actually women, immoral for not agreeing that up is down and evil is good.

Unfortunately, the ideas animating today’s Democrat leaders are so toxic that they will accommodate no genuine dialogue with them, since that would serve only to annihilate their arguments and agenda. Therefore, as long as they’re captivated by their immoral ideology, immoral behavior will follow – such as antifa violence, attacks on free speech, and death threats against Catholic kids from Kentucky who wear the wrong hats.

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