Dems serve Howard Schultz venti cannibal-lattes

By Rich Logis

Howard Schultz is discovering that the Democratic Party doesn’t really believe in lower-case “d” democracy.

I wonder: Is Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks and potential 2020 independent presidential candidate, shocked by the response of some Democrats? If so, he’s more out of touch with the Democratic voter base than he realizes.

Schultz is learning just how quickly the anti-President Trump cult will Hannibal Lecter-ize those who upset their natural order. Third-party candidates are where the true Leninist character of the Democratic Party manifests itself for all to see. Democrats are interested in conquering; it’s why I said in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election that if Clinton were to win, the Democrats subsequently would never lose the presidency, federal courts or U.S. Supreme Court ever again, thereby rendering our nation a de facto one-party constitutional republic. The Democrats aren’t interested in representing or governing; they’re interested in ruling.

Welcome to politics, Howard

There is a measurable, distinct difference between Democrats and everyone else; everyone else just wants to be left alone. Democrats, however, never leave anyone alone, and never stop. The politically conservative side is far from perfect, but Democrats don’t want us to “see the other point of view”; they want to impose their point of view onto those who would not voluntarily and democratically elect or choose that point of view. And if anyone, such as a Schultz, or a Ralph Nader, circa 2000, seeks to assert himself into the political debate, Democrats don’t welcome him – they seek to irreparably impugn his integrity and intentions. (Let’s not overlook that the establishment Republican Party took a similar approach to candidate Donald Trump, even after he won the nomination.)

Social justice, bathrooms for non-paying customers and overpriced java drinks ain’t the full-contact bloodsport of politics. Schultz has been heckled and insulted by some in the public and in Hollyweird – and this coming from some who would likely vote for him if he were the Democratic nominee! Better make that fair-trade espresso a double, Howard – you’re going to need it if you run for president.

Democrats fear a Schultz candidacy because they claim he will help President Trump get re-elected, but I don’t quite agree. Yes, Schultz would help pad the stat sheet of Trump’s margin of victory, but he wouldn’t help him get re-elected; Trump would win win 2020 sans a Schultz candidacy. Unless, of course, The Great Wall of America’s construction hasn’t begun by early 2020 – in which case, Hillary Clinton will probably be the next president.

Politics is sales, and Democrats will attack Schultz because they know their product is only wanted in a few Northeast and Northwest states and the big cities, which have mostly been electing Democratic super-majorities for the last tens of thousands of consecutive days. Politics is also cyclical, and even though the Democrats have had some wins the last few years, they did lose over 100 national and over 900 state elections, during President Obama’s two terms.

If Schultz is on the ballot in most or all states come a month or two before Election Day 2020, the Democratic nominee will spend lots of time selling the American people on why he or she is starkly different from Schultz; that burden will fall on the Democrat, because, like Al Gore in 2000, the third-party candidate, in the case of 2020, much more embodies Democratic ideology than Trump’s nationalist America First ideology.

The Democrat Fundamental Transformation

Once the Democrat is routed in 2020 (unless ground isn’t broken on The Great Wall of America; did I mention The Wall?), the Democratic Party will have its 1917 Russian Revolution moment and adopt full-scale, overt and open Leninism/communism into its party platform. Schultz, to his credit, isn’t oblivious to this next phase of the Obamaian Fundamental Transformation.

If Schultz makes his 2020 campaign official, expect the Democrats to work feverishly to keep him off the ballots in swing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and perhaps a few others, the way they tried to keep Ralph Nader off swing state ballots in 2004. Schultz has already been targeted by the Priorities USA Action Super PAC, which spent $200 million in 2016 to help Empress Clinton, and anti-gun cult leader and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has warned that Schultz will help re-elect Trump; I wonder how much of his billions Bloomberg will sycophantically throw at the Democratic presidential nominee.

The whipped cream-delicious irony of the Democratic cannibalistic ire directed at Schultz is that he once headed the corporate embodiment of affluent, white Democrat privilege; Starbucks is run by mostly affluent whites. Like Starbucks or not, Schultz was a master brand marketer – although Bill Maher doesn’t agree. Maher better get his digs in quick, because he himself is in danger of getting Lecter-ized by some of his own audience members.

When Vladimir Lenin led his Bolshevik Russian Revolution against The Duma, in 1917, it was one of history’s most important political cannibalization events. Schultz is now enduring what so many on the right have had to long endure from the tyranny of the Democratic minority. If he runs, then maybe, just maybe, Schultz’s most significant contribution as an independent candidate would be continuing the Democratic chasm. Yes, the complete chasm is inevitable, but it’s preferable to rip a Band-Aid off quickly, rather than slowly.

Our future national politics will be less and less about R vs. D, and more and more about America First vs. Leninism. Schultz isn’t quite Leninistic, but he’s certainly not a nationalist, and that makes him particularly dangerous to the Democrats; the enemy of my enemy is a precarious political spot to find oneself in.

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