“We can build a collective civic space large enough for all our separate identities, that we can be e pluribus unum – out of one, many.”Al Gore, January 1994, in Milwaukee speech to Institute of World Affairs

Muslim Community Patrol NYC police car

Perhaps you have seen the new community patrol cars in New York City.

Yes, it’s real.

The white Ford Taurus bears insignia nearly identical to those of an NYPD patrol car — with blue horizontal stripes down the sides, a shield on the front driver’s side door and the words “Muslim Community Patrol” descending on the rear door, where a department vehicle would say “Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect.”

Whatever happened to E pluribus unum – the traditional motto of the United States.

It means “out of many, one.”

It appears on the Great Seal along with the Latin phrases Annuit coeptis, which means “providence has favored our undertakings.” They were adopted by the Congress in 1782.

You might recall Al Gore butchering the meaning of the first slogan in 1994 – almost exactly 25 years ago. How did he translate it? “Out of one, many.”

Division or unity?

Which is better?

After all, it wasn’t just the misuse of a Latin term meaning “out of many, one.” He was literally advocating the opposite – “out of one, many.”

And, here we are, in 2019 – and just look at all the “progress” we’ve made toward his goal.

That’s exactly what “progressives” are after – division of our nation, splitting people apart rather than pulling them together, pitting interest groups against each other, always creating new interest groups where none previously existed while claiming to be promoting new “rights” based on the “needs” or desires or fanciful whims of new constituent groups.

The problem with all that is that it tears at the very fabric of the American experiment in national self-government and what it means to be one nation under the law.

And that’s why “progressives” hate the meaning of e pluribus unum.

Do you want to live in a nation where the laws apply to each individual equally, without respect to their color, sex, sexual practices, creed, ethnic background?

Or do you prefer to live in a nation under the rule of men who maintain and build their power by handing out favors to an increasingly small number of special interest groups?

That’s really the choice we face.

I can tell you which way we’re headed. But I don’t need to because you can see it for yourself.

The Democratic Party, still by a slight margin the largest party in the country, believes in the latter. It’s the party of “victims.” It’s the party of endless wealth redistribution – taking from the achievers and using the money to buy votes in a hopelessly unsustainable model that can only result in absolute tyranny and misery for all.

There isn’t even any dissent allowed within that party. And soon, if it regains political power in Washington, there will be no dissent permitted anywhere.

Just look at what they control now, if you doubt me.

America’s largest cities suck the lifeblood out of the rest of the country. Many of them are killing fields, crime-infested wastelands with schools that indoctrinate, not educate.

College campuses where free speech, civility and education are just bourgeois relics of the past.

The judiciary, which doesn’t interpret the laws and the Constitution, but rewrites them to its liking.

The popular culture, which mocks the nation’s history and great institutions and achievements, not to mention its foundations in Judeo-Christian values.

The media, which are no longer content seeking the truth without fear or favor, but telling you what to think. No longer does the press act as a watchdog on bigger and less-accountable government, but rather as a lapdog.

How about social media and the rules of Google and Facebook and Twitter?

Yes, there’s been a fundamental shift in the direction of America – especially over the last eight years. The left was ever so close in the last election to making their fundamental transformation permanent, irreversible, pounding the final nail in the coffin of the world’s greatest experiment in self-governance.

They are in apoplectic shock about coming so close to realizing their dreams – and not allowing it to slip through their fingers.

This battle between strikingly diverse worldviews will be with us until their ideas are entirely discredited among 80 to 90 percent of the public. And that’s going to take a long march through all of the territory under their occupation.

It’s time to decide if you are a collectivist or an individualist.

It’s time to decide what kind of country you want for your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

And it’s time to mobilize for the kind of sacrifice it will take – the kind it has always taken – to preserve America’s heritage of liberty.

Pray for sanity. Pray for peace. Pray for justice. Pray for America.

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