Ex-atheist destroys atheism with single tweet

By Around the Web

(PJMedia) If you’re unfamiliar with Dr. Sarah Salviander, I encourage you to make her acquaintance. She’s a Christian apologist, takes the Genesis creation account literally (although she’s not a young earth creationist, she believes that God created the cosmos in six days), has a Ph.D. in astrophysics, and is an ex-atheist. Because of her background and credentials, Salviander has insight into atheism that many do not. Earlier this month, utilizing that insight, Salviander tweeted a sharply worded reminder that atheism suffers from intellectual dishonesty.

In the tweet, Sarah Salviander provides steps to crafting your own atheistic philosophy. Her steps are: “1. Start with the assumption of no God 2. However, also start with Christian morality 3. Remove the bits you personally don’t like 4. Proclaim that it’s self-evident 5. Ignore the meaninglessness of a Godless universe.”

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