Hannity on Stone arrest: ‘We’ve lost our country. Say goodbye’

By WND Staff

CNN exclusive footage shows FBI agents at the home of Roger Stone in Ft. Lauderdale before arresting him on Jan. 25
CNN exclusive footage shows FBI agents at the home of Roger Stone in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, before arresting him Jan. 25, 2019.

If the pre-dawn raid of Roger Stone’s home by FBI agents in tactical gear with weapons drawn is a sign of things to come, America has lost its constitutional republic, contends Fox News television and radio host Sean Hannity.

Noting that Stone – arrested and indicted Friday in Robert Mueller’s “Russia collusion” probe – is accused not of a violent crime but of lying to Congress, he pointed to Democrats whose lying to Congress has been ignored.

“We are a democratic republic. The Constitution that we cherish so much is the foundation of all law and order in this country. If you don’t apply the laws equally, only going after one group of people because of their political views, and you protect people with other political views, you’ve lost our Constitution. We’ve lost our country,” said Hannity in an opinion piece compiled by FoxNews.com from his radio show.

“Without equal application of our laws and equal justice under the law, there’s one thing left to say to our great nation: Goodbye.”

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan lied to Congress, Hannity pointed out.

Citing Obama administration scandals such as Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting conservatives and Hillary Clinton’s missing emails,” Hannity said, referring to the arrest and indictment of Stone, “it’s good to know the feds finally got their man.”

Hannity said Stone was targeted “for the same reason U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis said they went after Paul Manafort and the same reason they tried to bankrupt Gen. Michael Flynn.”

“They want to put the screws to Stone, who is 66, to make him sing or compose against Trump. That’s the only reason.”

Hannity noted Stone is “not a drug dealer or a drug kingpin. He’s not a Mafioso or a gangster. He’s not El Chapo. He may have lied to Congress.”

“All the feds had to do was call his lawyer and say, ‘Be at police headquarters for processing at 9 a.m. or we’re putting a warrant out for your arrest,’ and he would have shown up.”

Hillary Clinton, Hannity pointed out, “ignored subpoenas for emails, wiped her hard drive with BleachBit and smashed phones to pieces to avoid turning them over.”

“Do you think you would get away with that? You might, if you could help the Deep State with its witch hunt for President Trump.”

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