Isn’t feminism” great?

Damn straight!

Isn’t it wonderful what the women’s movement has done for the female side of the human equation?

Didn’t they tell us that it was all about equality between the sexes?

Yes, there was much to be rectified, particularly legally, but the movement for equality has gone more than overboard.

In reality, the ship has capsized and both men and women – boys and girls – are flailing and drowning in the filth at the bottom of the pool.

There is no decorum in dress, behavior or language. In fact, men can still be men – but so can women. Whatever a woman wants to do or say is OK today. Any standards of behavior or standards of dress are gone. Girls and women can dress like hookers and no one is supposed to complain.

She can drink and smoke and use drugs, be openly promiscuous, live together without marriage, have an abortion if it suits her and let her language reflect the depths of the barnyard.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected, Americans have been subjected to perhaps the most massive media attack on a politician in our history. It’s perfectly clear that the so-called unbiased press is a thing of the past.

The media don’t like Trump – the man or his politics – or his family. Whatever is left of print media is a series of critical articles. In the eyes of those editors and reporters, the man can do nothing right.

Broadcast is worse and the Internet is the bottom. Both are filled with a never-ending series of hit pieces, critical of his politics, his presidency, his life, his looks and his words.

We are told that his foul mouth is shameful and that it isn’t fitting of a “president.” A local radio talk host in San Francisco went on and on and on about that! The criticism is an endless loop of critiques that ever ends.

And then there is Rashida Tlaib, one of the first two Muslim women just elected to the House. I saw in the Washington Post that she “is one of the most heralded new members of the House.”

Wow! Imagine that. A Muslim woman! Haven’t we been led to believe that Muslim women are well behaved and intelligent and educated and well spoken and loyal and devoted and modest, and – well, use your imagination for every positive description you can come up with.

Whether or not all that is accurate, it’s what Americans have been led to believe. In other words, we are not allowed to criticize a Muslim woman. You’d be asking for trouble.

So what happens when such a person gets involved in politics, especially in a major political campaign that will gain national attention? What happens is that the candidate is treated with kid gloves. The usual snottiness of such a campaign is muted and, if the stars are right and the brainwashing about diversity has taken root in the minds of voters, that person will be elected.

And so we have Rashida Tlaib, a 42-year-old Democrat, a lawyer, elected to Congress with 163 thousand votes from the 13th District in Michigan – one of the poorest sections of that state.

Most Americans outside of Michigan didn’t follow the election, so we had no idea of what Ms. Tlaib was like – at least until last Thursday night, after the new members of Congress were sworn in.

At a gathering that evening, she was feeling her oats with the victory and told the crowd that she told her son about winning and what would happen: “We’re going to go in there and we’re going to impeach the motherfu***r!”

Whew! Them’s fightin’ words, no matter where you’re from! But coming from a woman, a Muslim, just elected to Congress and just hours after her swearing-in, against a man who was elected president with 63 million votes – shows an ego and brashness she’s been hiding under her hijab.

In fact, Trump has not been recorded using that word, even though his language at times has been rough and he’s good with an insult.

When media questioned Tlaib about her comment, she said it was something her deceased grandmother might have said, and language like that is how people in her area talk.

Oh, OK. It’s acceptable because everybody does it. How old is she?

If you’ve wondered if politics has scraped the bottom of the barrel, this is the proof.

When asked about it, President Trump said “she dishonored herself and her family” and was “disrespectful to the United States of America.”

Democrats avoided criticism of Tlaib and, when asked, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “I’m not in the censorship business.”

How’s that for courage?

I haven’t seen any comments from Muslims about one of their own using such verbal filth in public.

This certainly has gotten the woman the publicity most politicians would die for, but for reasons that leave much to be desired. Not only does this set a precedent for what to expect from her and others who might be empowered by her action, but it sets an example for other women in the public eye as well as being a “model” for children.

If she said that to her own child and is praised for it, then it must be an OK behavior for other children.

Think of that when your kids confront you with the phrase, “Gee, if it’s OK for a congresswoman, why not for me?”

What’s interesting in all this, is that print, broadcast and Internet have yet to print out the entire insult.

They love insulting Trump, but don’t have the guts to fully report Tlaib’s insult accurately, instead using asterisks to imply what she said!

Gee, I wonder why? Think about it.

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