‘Hot-trending’ shirt: ‘At least I’m not Jewish’

By Joe Kovacs

"At least I'm not Jewish" shirt sold on Zazzle.com
“At least I’m not Jewish” shirt sold on Zazzle.com

A shirt being sold in the “hot trending” section of an online retailer has been yanked because of controversy over the message it bears: “At least I’m not Jewish.”

Zazzle.com removed the shirt which was being marketed by a third-party vendor who used the moniker “The Slesk Bazaar,” who has since been banned by Zazzle.

That vendor also created a shirt that read, “At least I’m not Christian.”

The sale of the anti-Semitic T-shirt was blasted on social media by the likes of Ashlee Marie Preston, who said: “Yoooo… Zazzle… y’all are bugging out. You’re just casually going to insult Jewish people and rock anti-semitism like it’s the hottest look??”

Some other commenters noted:

  • “Nobody has ever lost money underestimating American taste. Shame.”
  • “Well nothing like telling others what you ARE, even if it wasn’t your intention … Congrats Zazzle. Have fun in bankruptcy!”
  • “I wonder if they’d leave it up if it said ‘At least I’m not atheist’?”
  • “How long before Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar wear this into the House chambers?”

Although the item was removed by Zazzle, it’s still available at Dominatees.com.

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Zazzle issued a statement to the Forward, indicating:

“We do not tolerate or accept hate on our site. As an open marketplace, we are faced with the opportunity to allow people to express their creativity and sentiments, coupled with the challenge of expression that upsets and offends. When a product is brought to our attention that violates our terms of service, such as the shirt you referenced, we take swift action to have the product removed.”

at-least-im-not-christian-t-shirt-dhgatecom“Behind the scenes we use automated filters and algorithms to try to block offensive designs. We know that the tech is not foolproof and that we cannot anticipate the range of sentiments that might be uploaded to our site, so we also manually remove products as they come to our attention.”

“In the spirit of MLK Day today, we have a lot more to do as individuals and as a company; and that beyond us, there is much we must do as a nation and as one world to shine light on the darkness.”

Another design of the “At least I’m not Christian” shirt is being marketed by a seller called “Diyteezone” on DHgate.com.

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