Humor has hit a new low

By Patty Ann Malley


Humor hits new low

Humor – that’s light-hearted funnies intended to uplift and take the edge off – has really been flushed. No, I’m not talking about Saturday Night Live dissing veterans, Kathy Griffin glorifying gore, or even Michelle Wolfe’s crass treatment of abortion. Crass and inappropriate seems the order of the day, apologetic aftermaths doing little to stem the tide.

And the training for such tastes starts early.

Check out Mattel’s Flushin-Frenzy featured in the video clip below. That’s a toilet game:

If you think that this pastime is better suited to inebriated adults, you’re not alone. What’s the purpose? To teach kids the importance of plungers? Dietary fiber? Is Mattel demonstrating reality in a fun way? Adulting is hard, after all. Kiddos best accustom themselves to chasing after filth and holding on if they want to score points. Ignore instinct that would send you running the opposite direction and just do it. Go for the gross!

Mattel’s previous offering “Gas Out” had kids freaking about who’d pass the gas. But today? Grab that brass ring – or whatever.

Let’s not forget Gassy Gus – a “gut” busting alternative from Alex Brand Toys
Let’s not forget Gassy Gus – a “gut” busting alternative from Alex Brand Toys

Commentator PBunyan on IOTW Report had this to say: “I was watching the Disney channel yesterday with granddaughter and a commercial for this game came on. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was an attempt to desensitize children to the realities of living in the new Marxist utopias like San Francisco and Seattle.”

Could be, PBunyan, could be!


Men can get abortions – NO JOKE!

Health issues are no laughing matter. And, for the most part, patients would do well to do what their doctor says. In this case, the World Health Organization (in an attempt to deny objective reality) implies that “men” can have abortions. Not all men, though. Forget about being created equal. Those men with Y chromosomes have no recourse but to acknowledge their Y privilege in a dark corner. (Mother Nature is obviously a female misogynist, but that’s another column.)

Only those women who choose to change into men have the right to an abortion.

So while yuck-it-up parents may have their children chasing poop, the World Health Organization is attempting to sell the same to the rest of us – on a global scale.

“This new World Health Organization report,” according to C-Fam, “began by insisting it is not only females who can become pregnant, but so can women who think they are men, that is, ‘those with varying gender identities.’ Emphasis was added that when treating with the termination of pregnancy – killing a child – attention must be given to health and human rights, ‘including sex and gender equality.'”

To this end, the report deviates from the term “pregnant woman,” instead choosing “pregnant individual” as the appropriate euphemism. We can’t offend men seeking an abortion. That would be cruel. Promoting confusion, psychosis and mass delusion is much better.

Check out the video below if you want to get an idea of what trans-men endure.

The Daily Wire explains, “There are plenty of trans men who need access to abortion and who receive them. There are also plenty of other trans folk who don’t fall into the gender binary who also get abortions.”

Apparently, “We must recognize the cissexism within reproductive rights activism and stand with trans-people.”

Strictly verboten is acknowledging that a baby is a baby. Babies are people, after all (at least for now). But abortion activists who are intent on catering to the delusion that a woman with a uterus who is capable of conceiving a child is – in reality – a man, would have us ignore that biological fact.

The general population is better suited amusing themselves with Flushin’ Frenzy.

My question is this: How it is that a woman who identifies as a man – and takes hormones in an attempt to change her physiology – becomes pregnant? It still takes two. Or three, if we consider those children conceived in a lab via maternal spindle transfer. (So much for the simple birds and bees.)

A nation’s most valuable resource, despite what morons say
A nation’s most valuable resource, despite what morons say

No laughing matter – has planning gone too far?

While people continue to embrace the Peter Pan model of never growing up and/or seriously stunting adult responsibilities, reality continues on its course: unabated, unforgiving, a completely unconcerned with the machinations of those humans who believe they can dictate to Mother Nature without blowback.

The hue-and-cry in socialist Scandinavia isn’t “Stop the presses!” but “Have some babies already!”

“Norway needs more children! I don’t think I need to tell anyone how this is done,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg candidly told Norwegians, according to Live Action. “In the coming decades, we will encounter problems with this model. There will be fewer young people to bear the increasingly heavy burden of the welfare state.”

That’s what happens when people contracept themselves to extinction. There are no children to help care for aging parents. No taxpayers to support a bloated system wherein human life is not a priority.

One has to wonder if Norway will end up pushing euthanasia. “Altogether, well over a quarter of all deaths in 2017 in the Netherlands were induced,” according to the Guardian. Isn’t that delightfully enlightened?

So enlightened, in fact, they convince themselves that open-door immigration (which endangers native populations) is virtuous. Try desperate. Who in their right mind imports potential terrorists? But Norway need bodies. They need someone to tax. Not so magnanimous, but something needs to be done to prevent the collapse.

Meanwhile, “In Miehikkala, Finland, which has a population of 2,000 people, women are being offered 10,000 euros per child born in the municipality. In Denmark, Copenhagen is running a campaign to educate men on the decline of sperm quality that comes with age. It’s all in an effort to create more babies.”

Check out the implications of declining birthrates in the following video. Not cool:

I’m just waiting for the pro-life marches that may ensue when certain people who have outlived their usefulness are pressed into suicide. Another #metoo movement? Maybe not. There’ll be nobody left to hold the signs.

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