Is Putin behind Trump’s shutdown?

By Around the Web

(Daily Kos) — Tonight, in a segment called Worst Case Scenario…, Maddow starts off the show talking about how Democrats are beginning to investigate the ties between John Bolton, Maria Butina, the NRA and Russia. She then discusses how Cohen has pulled out of testifying to Congress due to threats against his family by Trump. She mentions that Manafort has been ordered to appear in court on Friday to adjudicate whether he violated his plea agreement. Then she updates the situation with Deripaska’s Belarusian escort who has been returned to Russia, and it appears she may be in the early stages of poisoning. She moves on to discussing day 33 of the government shutdown. Pelosi gives a final NO to the State of The Union. IRS agents, meat inspectors, TSA agents, and prison guards are starting to walk off the job. The White House Office of Management and Budget is investigating what else in the Federal Government to close entirely if the shutdown lasts another month or more.

Then Maddow drops a bombshell. She actually goes there! Essentially, she says what many of us have started thinking. If Trump is actually an agent of Vladimir Putin, then he may be doing Russia’s bidding in shutting down the US Government. The Trump Shutdown may actually be the Putin Shutdown. Our President may be doing all of this on behalf of Russia. Our country may have been shuttered by our adversary.

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