This is beyond serious. This is beyond troublesome.

In the late 1930s, well before the attack on Pearl Harbor propelled America into war with Japan, the New York Yankees played a series of exhibition games in Japan to promote the brand new Japanese enthusiasm – American baseball.

After we found ourselves at war with Japan, one of the Yankee players wrote a fascinating article in the Saturday Evening Post exposing certain startling aspects of Japanese culture. The concept of “losing face” had been utterly new to our American athletes. The umpires for these games were all Japanese, and their calls in favor of the Japanese teams were rather breathtaking. Calling American runners out when they were totally safe and calling the Japanese runners safe when they were clearly out was comically routine. In one instance, the Yankee player reported, a Japanese batter was called safe on first base when the ball was snugly in the mitt of the American first baseman and while the Japanese runner was barely halfway between home plate and first base!

Oh, well, the game was new, Japan was beautiful, and the Japanese people treated the American visitors nicely. So it was no big deal. But the tendency of the American media to favor the Democrats and other opponents of President Trump is a very big and shameful deal indeed.

It is shameful because it is undeniable that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama – that entire political upper shelf – a mere five years ago favored and voted for walls, funding and all, to foil aliens who attempt to enter the United States illegally. You might suppose the “umpires” of the American mass media would mount battle stations if those very same Democratic politicians suddenly abjectly refused to discuss such self-defensive architecture when it was proposed by Republican President Donald Trump, and threatened impeachment of Trump and even denounced such walls as “immoral”!

And yet we hear only fleeting reference to this cosmic mind-changeover, and so far nobody in the media has even asked members of that crowd to explain to America what happened, what changed. This attempted cover-up of a clear voting record is much worse than calling a runner safe on first when he’s barely halfway from home plate!

We complained loud and long about media bias in the years before our politics got so toxic. And what was that early “media bias” about? We’d notice that the newspaper editors would print those pictures of the candidates they favored, which made them fairly glow with good looks and political cunning, while the pictures of the candidates they disliked made them look like Mafia dons after a particularly arduous Senate hearing. Oh, if only we could return to that relatively innocent level of pettifogging! The media bias of today can twist democracy into ungainly pretzels.

The sheer brazenry of this incredible insult to our intelligence is bone-marrow-curdling. If you must slam your bias into our faces, fellows, at least sling your bias with some class!

Deliver your bias, if you must, like that South Carolina history professor who put it right there on the front cover, or, as they say down South, he put it “right out there on the front porch where the goats could get it.” He titled his manuscript: “An Objective Account of the War of Yankee Aggression, from The Southern Point of View”!

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